Sunday, September 04, 2005

Furl it

Yesterday I subscribed to Furl which gives me 5 gigabytes of available storage.

enough to store tens of thousands of web pages.

I tend to agree with Mike Giles, founder of Furl when he says:

There's been so much focus on search on the internet, and very little emphasis
on what you do with that data when you find it.

Qtsaver answers exactly the same question but from another angle:

How are you going to re-use what you've saved; for example, if you want to write an essay based on your saved files?

But most of all I'm interested in Furl because I can store there multiple Qtsaver results pages. It enables each researcher to concentrate all his research in one place.

Next stage will be QTSaving this collection, retrieving all the excerpts that belong to a new subject which is hiding in the collection. For example if I research Global Warming, save on Furl 1000 result pages, and suddenly need to retrieve all excerpts about Ozone Layer –Furl will give me the whole document with the words "Ozone Layer". Qtsaver will organize all the excerpts that fit the Query into a complete essay.

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