Friday, September 23, 2005

Analyzing My Visitor Counter

Analyzing my visitor's counter I found the following categories:

1. Visitors that really want to know about QTSaver.
2. Visitors that are not interested in QTSaver what so ever.

The first category includes me, which means that my visits change the results of the Page Views and the Visit Length upwards.

The second category includes:
A. Squinters
B. Spammers
C. Web crawlers
D. Mistakes

Squinters: those who are interested in another subject (not QTSaver). For example: On August 18 I published a post about CruiseFlorida. Five people commented to this post, but what's more interesting is that according to Site Meter dozens [!] read this post. I assume that none of them were interested in QTSaver what so ever. Another example: a visitor who was interested in Air Pollution which, for me, was only a demonstration of QTsaver's quality.

Spammers leave you a compliment and a link to their business. I delete their comments when I have the time.

Web crawlers are hard to spot on Site Meter but I know that my posts are published on few search engines and Blog Readers. I just don't know how to recognize them on Site Meter.

Mistakes: Today I found on Site Meter a visitor who looked for GTK-Qt Theme Engine. He stumbled on my Blog because the words QT and Engine appeared on his Query.

Any how, Site Meter gives me the pleasures of detecting – and for free…

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