Thursday, August 18, 2005

Schemes, Scams, Frauds

I was surfing leisurely with my QTSaver on the waves of knowledge and stopped by the island-site of my favorite philosopher

Alfred North Whitehead

Suddenly a message poped-up telling me that I'm the 1 million visitor in this site and hence cruiseFlorida gives me a cruise worse 1804 EU.

Usually I ignore such pop-ups but this time I was so curious to know who is this bold guy that put such a pop-up on a philosophers' site. I coudn't believe that this site had a million visitors - maybe 100 ...

So I filled out the form and called the free toll phone number to confirm the details. A guy with Jamaican accent spelled me his name - Hylton and said he'll send the documents to my address with Fedex.

Then I saved the site in my desktop file and sent an e-mail about this story to a friend. He thought it looks like a scam.

- It's too good to be true. He wrote.

so I started to check. I decided to begin by reading again the document of the deal - so I tried to open it from my desktop file -it didn't open. I felt weird.

I looked up the cruiseFlorida in Google and found a forum called

Crimes of Persuasion Schemes, Scams, Frauds

Dirkie Drost says there :

It seems that I am always lucky on internet, a few months ago I won a holiday
for free; Today, you will not belief it, I won a Cruise.YES! A cruise of $ 2100
for 4 persons. I only have to call +1-800-404-5734 in the US, or +1-321-397-1888
outside the US, the only thing I have to do is to give the conformation number.
See their site :
I did not respond,
I am not stupid.

Klaas commented:

That's fast Dirkie! Obvious scam
is gone. Maybe they got scared? Site
deactivated (also vanished in google cache) even before your message would come
up in the search engines. Keep an eye on them.

I tried to read again the E-mail I sent but I couldn't find it - it vanished .
I tried to read again the E-mail I got - it ceased to exist.
I looked it up by every method I knew: by date, by reciever's e- mail, by keywords...It disappeared, just like that...

It wasn't only a scam - it was also magic...


Anand More said...

This scam is still on the net.I am from India and yesterday ( 9 Sep 2005) I experienced the same thing again. When I visited I got the pop up saying I am 1mil user and have got concentional tour of florida beaches ( 17 days, 4 people, 2500 euro package in only 825 euro). And asked me to call on the number. When I called up toll number one lady asked me the information about my cridit card. Then she handed over the call to on man who asked me the cridit card number. But understanding the possibility of missuse I didnt give it to him. But being furious he disconneced the call. This seems a great scam on net. I advice card users not to give any sort of information on phone to these ppl. Or you may land up on big trouble.
Anand More India.

Anonymous said...

yees I´m no 1 million visitors too.
I phoned the number (and can´t find them on the net.)

They told me to pay 725 euro on top of the winning 1804 eoro (LOL) magical number. I insisted to read about it on the net. (funkisstravel) can´t see them.
was given another phone number to call later LOL 120905

Anonymous said...

hi! i'm Matteo from Italy.
Today I have been the visitor no. 1.000.000 too... this fraud is still on the net! And is only a white page... Fortunately I've found this blog!
thank you very much

Anonymous said...

I am Jari from Finland and yesterday the 21 sep 2005 I too got a message on the net that I`m the 1000 000 th visitor on that website...1804 euros was waiting for me. I phoned the number. A lady answered with a couple of screeming children on the background. She told I had wan a cruise in Florida for 4 people! Then She asked for a credid card, but I did not have one. You can be sure that I am not going to tell them anything no more - thanks to this page!

InTeam said...

i have done the application on line but i did't still phone the number for confirmation.... thanks to this blog i think i stop here my process.
The fact i put my details on the apllicasion will cause any problems??? for example spamming or something else?
have someone any info?

Serge said...


I'm Serge from Luxembourg and - yes! the 1 mth visitor of some site. I did not call, I looked for scam warnings and found this blog.
Thanks guys

reynard said...
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Anonymous said...

Yesterday as was call from +11 a lady how called herself vicky said somthing about a travel when i said that i am a poor young from romania she get hurry and disconectid (sorry for my english!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Joseph)

Anonymous said...

Here's another millionth's visitor of floridacuise webpage. I filled up the form, but i won't call the number, thanks to previus writes of this site. An obvious fraud.

Anonymous said...

Still scamming, Today i'm the lucky winner

This is a screenshot of the popup, which informed me, that i've won
Call and use my Confirmation number if u like ;)

Gladly i found this Blog.
Thnks guys

Anonymous said...

Hello! I was the lucky winner now!!! :) It seemed to good to be true. Searched a little and found this. Thanks! Now I don't wanna call that number! :)
/Daniel from Sweden.

Denis Meh Zion said...

I am Denis meh Zion.Today(23 nov 2005) I got the information that "U are the lucky winer 4 2day".I called twice but had no respond. I pay tribute to this site for educating me. MEH ZION, in Bamenda Cameroon

ploynapat said...

i'm from Thailand .Today [8 Dec 2005] I got the information that i'm the mil visitor in this site and hence cruise florida give me a cruise worse 1804 EU too!!! I try to check this information like another and i've found this blog ...thank a lot

Anonymous said...

Everybody a was the winner 50 000 000 could you believe that!!? I´m from Venezuela. The person who talked to me was a very educated man. This guy first asked me my Name and then my phone number and my credit card number. It was very rare to me, and i didn´t dive him of course. I´ve been trying to open they web site but it is imposible, only apear a white page.
Be carefull with these people!!
Good by everybody and sorry for my english...

Anonymous said...

Spain: Well the got me today... didnt get as far as to ask me for my credit card but I fell for it enough to call. Sure hope someone who has the smarts can catch these bad people.
I just get a white page on the web too.
These are the kinds of things that give the web a bad name, hope we can weed them out!

Anonymous said...

bonjour, il m'est arrivé la meme chose aujourdh'ui j'ai appelé donné mon numéro de confirmation ,mon nom, mon prénom et mon numéro de téléphone est-ce que je crains quelque chose?

MERCI D'avance pour vos réponse et pour ce blog.

Anonymous said...

Je suis Français et il m'est aussi arrivé celà. Avant d'appeler, j'ai cherché dans google est suis tombé sur ce forum. C'est donc une arnaque!Merci.
Si vous n'avez pas donné votre n° de carte bleue, il ne doit pas y avoir de problème...
Bon Noel !

Anonymous said...

salut a tous. je suis marocain et je me suis fait a voir a deux reprises. ca me rend vraiment malade. je voudrais savoir si il existe un quelquonque moyen de leur faire passer l envie de recommmencer...

Anonymous said...

hello from denmark... i got the pop up with that florida thing today i didnt call them, i just searched a little on the net because their homepage was white.. its a band of losers.. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Scam, hope that the telephone number didnt have an extreme cost to it... Anyone know this? Norwegian.

Daan said...

Hi, from The Netherlands here... I got the 1.000.000th visitor and winner ad on a very trustworthy (*not so anymore*) website I visit regularly. Because of this I went for it, called them but was reluctant to give them any credit card info. After that thay hang up... Their ways: No card, hang up, next victim.

Anonymous said...

hi from switzerland! I was the 50 000 000 visitor and won 2100 dollars for a holiday package in florida and bahamas. i phoned and spoke with a very educated man, named "charly king". he seems to be very serious. I gave him my name and family name and also my phone number. he asked me also the number from my creditcard. fortunately i haven't one. he said i should have one because of the "check-in" in the hotels and i should phone another time when i have one! for sure: i'll not do that! thanks to this page! (to be very honest: it sucks! i like to go to florida!!! :-( )

Anonymous said...

hi from switzerland! im also a "winner"! (50000000 visitor *hahaa*) the man on the phone was very educated and seemed to be serious. fortunately i have not a creditcard! he said i should phone another time when i have one. for sure: i'll not do that! thanks to this page! but to be very honest, it sucks! i want to go to florida :-(!

Anonymous said...

hi from switzerland! i'm also a "winner". the man on the phone seemed to be serious and named charly king! fortunately i haven't a creditcard and i found this page! thank you! thouse people suck!

Lotta said...


Now this phenomena is more “advanced”, ore shall I say; “mowed up” in the world of scams and frauds. The pop-up window now appeared on SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) homepage.

When trying to book a hotel….

Beside normal blog readers, like our self’s, they now have a multi billion company’s IT security division on there tale.

Is that going to do the trick? Can one whish for there final extermination, ore at least that they are TO scared to go on?

They HAVE a very advance program to hide there trails on the internet.

Lotta, Stockholm, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Norway! Today i was getting musicalnotes from one of my favorite guitar sites and got this popup saying i was visitor number 1 billion. Normaly i would have closed the damn thing imediatly but because of some guy, in an interwiew in an a well known Norwegian newspaper just recently, was saying that not all of these "you're todays big winner popups" was scams. He claimed that he and his family just got back from the hollyday that he won the "popup way" and it was all for free. I wanted to call but first i "googled" it and found this page. I want bother to call or try visiting their webpage. Thanks to this site and the people who took the time to writ about it. And may bad karma catch up with the bstrds who try to scam other people on the net. said...

I also experienced the infamous pop up announcing me to be the 1 millth visitor and winner. The site is now located at
I was told that I had won a cruise including 6 days in Orlando, FL, free car free mileage, Also including a visit to Bahamas and other very nice places.I knew it was a scam, but decided to call anyways. SInce calling from denmark and rates are very expensive i got them to call me back. I figured that as long as I didn't give them credit card details 'd be safe. I soon discovered that all they really wanted was this, the credit card info. I must admit that even though I suspected this to be a scam all along I am also naive enough and enough of a dreamer to leave them the benefit of the doubt. Or I would have just ignored the pop up to begin with.
Anyways, they returned my call, and when I refused to give them any info re my credit card they quickly lost interest in me. At this point I'd decided to hold the line, and work up their phone bill. (they called me, so now the joke was on my ball court *LOL*) The prize-giver told me to please hang up, I refused! Payback time. Also I wanted to see how persistent these kinds of crooks can be.I even heard him say : "I can't get her to hang up on me! " eventually I needed my phoneline back, and hung up. Their system is really strange. Why can't the scammers hang up on me? I figure that they are calling from their "office" line through some sort of call-center. The call center then somehow calls the victims and when answered the victims telephone line is somehow connected with theirs. Since they have then been called and answered I may hold and block their line (AND be charging their bill , transatlantic rates :- D) for a very long time. or how else could it be that they are unable to drop the line?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I was the winner of the tourist package valued in $2100, the page that appeared suddenly, invited to call immediately to the number 1-3213971885. Nevertheless, my doubts took to throughout look for information about a page, that being in target, it offers surprises to be the visitor "a billion" :S ... Nowadays the industry of the fraud has grown... Thanks for the opportune information. Maryneat from Maracay, Venezuela (

Anonymous said...

Bonjour, moi aussi, pour avoir été le 500 000ième visiteur de ? (et aussi le 1 000 000ième du même site, ainsi que le "today's randomly selected visitor"), alors que je cherchais sur un site bien Français un convertisseur wma en wav, je suis l'heureux gagnant d'un "travel shopping spree" de 2 100 dollars, avec une croisière si j'appelle dans l'instant et en bonus un séjour à Cancun, le tout pour 4 personnes.
Bien naïf, profitant de mon forfait France Télécom (+/- 7 cents/min) j'appelle (19 min, ce n'est pas la ruine !) :
Un monsieur charmant à qui je donne le numéro magique (56 111) m'annonce que je vais aller visiter Daytona, DysneyLand, Bahamas etc… avec voiture de location km illimités. Est-ce que j'ai mon permis ? et une carte de payement pour la caution ? oui, bien sûr!
Je m'appelle Gogo Pigeon, marié 2 enfants, mon e-mail est gogopigeon@entourloupés.naïf, mes téléphones, fixe et mobile, sont : …..
J'y ai vraiment cru !
Mon Anglais n'est pas très "fluent", j'insiste pour que la transaction se fasse par mail.
C'est un deuxième, Eric, toujours en Américain, qui tente d'aborder le sujet Carte de Crédit,
je ne comprends rien et ne donne aucun numéro, la conversation s'interrompt.
Toujours naïf, je veux télécharger le logiciel "freecruise" pour établir mon billet, et là, mon PC plante …
J'ai même du mal à retrouver les 4 photos d'écran où figurent mes gains, et !
J'espère ne rien risquer maintenant, et regrette beaucoup de ne pas avoir appelé en numéro masqué et surtout ne pas leur avoir "confié" de faux nom, prénom, numéro carte crédit et date de validité : si nous sommes nombreux à leur faire cette "joke", ils risquent quelques ennuis ?...
Si le cœur vous en dit :

U.S. Call Toll Free 1-800-405-9271
outside U.S. Call 1-321-397-1885
ou confirmation nomber : 56 111
U.S. Call Toll Free 1-800-322-0508
outside U.S. Call 1-321-397-1883

Merci à QTSaver,
je tiens à disposition de qui le souhaite les 4 photos d'écran : mail à
signé :
Gogo Pigeon.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Im Kari from Finland and I won cruise to Florida. When i saw that "you are visitor no 1000000" popup, i clicked it and saw that "you have won" page. It looks so real that i really wanted to call that number and win. There was only 4 minutes of time. But i didnt call. Usually these pages look like ads or fakes or some other way stupid, but this didnt.

I played with that page while wondering what is this and suddenly it disappeared. I got feeling that page was real but i just didnt call. didnt work, so i was wondering a little bit...

After some googling i find this page and now im not worried about my prize.

But when i was writing this text, it appeared again. When i right clicked that window, it disappeared. Weird pages.

I usually laugh at these frauds because they are so stupid, but this one almost got me. Of course i dont have credit card.

Anonymous said...

01.03.2006 Moldova Chisinau
I also visited this site and have recieved the message thet I;m the one million visitor, but thanks the Lord I've got this information here.

Anonymous said...

Erkki from Finland I had a nice phone call to the same number 20 min long.
Same strategy; one lady giving connection to as called Robert Russo.
He asked from me, the credit card. I didn’t give it and he stops the phone.

Anonymous said...

(from Holland) I also got u pop-up that i've won a vacation to Florida for 4 persons including a cruise to the Bahama's. The man who ask me for the creditcard information wants 890 dollar from me. I told him that i dindn't do that and that he will be a rich man and i lost the money and the price. After the phone call i visit this page and that was enough for me that i've done the right thing.

Anonymous said...

11 March 2006 Yes I got this pop up too, a quick Google search gave me this site.

No, I won't be calling the number either.

Good to see this was the first thing to pop up on Google. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi - my name is Peter from Switzerland. Just half an hour ago i "won" a cruise worth USD 2100. I called the number ++1 321 397 1876 mentioned in the popup. A guy named Billy (age 74 he sayed) who explained me for about 20-30 minutes what wonderful travel i have won. Then a was transferred to a rude woman asking me for the credit card number. I should pay USD 899! What for? I have won! After i sayed that i do not give my credit card number she hung up - no further discussion. The web pop up came from


Hello everyone!
australia here...i got stooged big time....these morons get you all worked up for nothing, i think i called just about everyone in existance and told them i won a holiday..i was over the moon, then my dad who is a comuter EXPERT sends me an email with this easy to find site......i am so angry right there anything we can do to stop these fat americans?? maybe bomb them..again?? damn george bush and his ugly.. fat scamming.. up-size me country...the hooker on the phone calles herself Christina Cummins...and was pleased to inform me of my 2100 dollar winnings and holiday to orlando florida and the bahamas and even threw in CANCUN MEXICO....arent they generous...i dont have a credit card, so she told me to call back the day after tomoro with my details of a relatives credit card....yeah..sure...thats gonna happen...shes probably some ugly telemarketer eating a triple jumbo big mack as we speak. hope she chokes on her fries!

Anonymous said...

Salut, j'ai aussi été le millionieme visiteur d'un site. Ayant trouvé bizzare de ne pas voir les conditions du concours disponible , j'ai tout de meme appelé ( cela aurait été trop bete lol). Mefiant un petit peu j'ai commencé par demandé si c'etait un "vrai concours" et le gars a racroché... ensuite google et ce site... Ils sont en tout cas asser fort puisque il etait sur un site pas enorme de jeux video... dangereux tout ca
Merci a ce blog en tout cas

Anonymous said...

\They also tried to scam me using the summerbay resorts .com website. They told me that I had won this fabulous vacation worth
$2100 dollars and later wanted my credit card number, this is where warning bells went off. they are very sweet talking and also very convincing. |The names given were Jazzmon Owens and Andrew Underwood.
Please be very carefull.

Evreka said...

Well, they have got a LOT more visitors now... or so they claim. I was just (May 25th, 2006) told I was visitor no 1 billion! Yeah right... I just did a little search and found this blog which confirmed my suspicion... I didn't even got as far as to any extra info, since I didn't do anything with the wretched window but close it. :-(

Greetings from Sweden!

Anonymous said...

I was also a winner for the cruise to florida but I wasn't sure it was real. so I googled it and found this site. Thanks to you people I know it's a scam and I want to thank all of you :D .
I think that those bastards need some real spanking lol.

greets from the Netherlands

Godwin said...

Hi all
Same 1 millionth winner.# here from India
They had asked me to call up this number 001-321-397-1885
Anyway as all the greedy guys I called up the number as I had an internet telephony card the whole thing cost me 1$ till i hung up
ANyway the guy was Stan Williams he said I won a vacation at summer bay resorts worth 2100$
6 days 5 nights in florida
with a choice of sea world, universal or walt disney
Free rent a car with unlimited rental (He told me that I should have a valid driving ID and also a credit card...Still no clue about the credit card)
He goes on to tell me about Daytona night s 3 days
some ocean front sea cruise and 2 tickets even to the nascar
nights 3 days cruise on discovery to bahamas
He told me I had to bear the port fee however there was free shopping /snorkling
th day aboard mowlite florida a 7 course gourmet drink and gamble
next he told me if everything was clear
i gave the go ahead
Then he transferred me to Chris an insurance manager and gave me customer number 402UK060106. This took 30mints Imagine 30 mints of my phone time which cost a $ luckily. then came the interesting part to give him the credit card number
I said I had no money . He asked even 898$ is that too much. Bloody beggar wanted 898$.
oh some more
he said i had 18 months to make up my mind and the tour was flexible
he gave 60 day notice peroid and said christmas was a nice time to go
Ofcourse the whole package was for 4 people. Being a married man I thought best for the wife and 2 kids he he he
however with credit card numbers it definitely was not my cup of cake and just hung up
Ofcourse this is in very detail as he asked me to jot down everything on the paper he h eh e luckily this site was a good sign (though it struck me only the next day)
Thankx a lot guys
Ive also reported the same to the FBI Miami lets see whether they can get these guys

Anonymous said...

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You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.


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Anonymous said...

some advertisement site called
does the advertising for the scam

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm from Canada, today I got a pop-up saying I was the one millionth visitor and that I won $2100 in shopping spree and if I call now I would win a cruise for 4! Last year I got an email saying I won like 4 million euros and I checked that out and it was a scam and because of this blog I was able to know that this pop-up was also a scam. You know I really believe in "What goes around comes around." Thank you for this blog! It has definitely helped a lot of people, who received the same false message, not to fall into the hands of scammers! God Bless!

Anonymous said...


i'm from the netherlands, and i just finished a 23 minutes long conversation from the netherlands - usa.
what a bunch of fakers.

at first i was happy but when i got the 3rd person het said i had to pay 700 and more....

plus i had to have a creditcard. grrr i'm furious!! but goog that i found this site this is a image of my 'prize'.

well that's a lesson learned: don't trust anything on i-net

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm marina from Brazil and I've just gotten a pop up saying I was awarded u$2100 travel spree and a cruise for 4 people. I was excited for about a second, but of course it was just too good to be true... Well, thanks to this blog people can protect themselves from these people.

Anonymous said...

Hello,I'm Carol from New Zealand. And yes!,this scam is still on the net Wed/5/July 2006.And get partner was the 1 billionth visitor to the site. He said a little window appeared whilst on Bitpedia.So he called the number 001321 3971885 as he only had 4 minutes to be in to win the trip for 4 as well as so many other unbelievable,attracting extras. He'd spoken with a man named Dan Harp.
My partner knew this was a scam but was curious to see how far it would go. So he rang back a couple of days later to ask them if it was a scam?...really to hear what else they'd come up with.This time it was a woman trying to direct us to While she was asking for credit card details I did a small search and found this page.He hung up in her ear when she couldn't be certain as to whether the call was toll free or not.
Lots of laughs.
Thanx so much for this blog

Anonymous said...

Hello,I'm Carol from New Zealand.And yes!!this scam is still on the net Wed/5/July 2006.And get partner is the 1 billionth visior to the site.He said a popup window appeared whilst on Bitpedia.So he called the number 001321 3971885 as he only had 4 minutes left to be in to win the trip for 4 with so many other unbelievable attracting extras. He spoke with a man named Dan Harp.
My partner knew this was a scam but was curious.So he rang back a couple of days later.This time he spoke with a woman who then tried to direct us to she was asking for credit card details I did a small search & found this blog.
My partner hung up in her ear when she couldnt be certain whether the call was toll free or not.
Lots of laughs
Thanx so much

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was out blogging and found your site. It certainly got my attention and interest. I was looking for Plane information and even though this isn't a perfect match I enjoyed your site. Thanks for the read!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Ag from Germany. Like others I've just gotten a pop up saying I was awarded u$2100 travel spree and a cruise for 4 people as I am the 1 billionth visior. Of course I didn't call them. Thanks to you guys for the useful information about the scam !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Carola from the Netherlands,
I had the same pop up in my screen.
I called the number and a man was asking for my phone number.
but I didn't trust it at all so I hang up on him.

Anonymous said...

Hallo. I was told that I am the visitor (more than) 1 Billion!

So I googled and found this nice blog. I never call any of the scam numbers, like this one, but often google to see what information that is on a particular scam setup (to stay alert on the latest tactics)

Best Regards
IT Security Specialist

Joel said...

Hi, I'm Joel from Sweden. I also got that one milion visitor popup, and got the same number to dail. They seem to use the same trix on everyone. They said I'd have to pay like 898 dollar for this trip. they also asked me for visa or mastercard number, but I gave 'em nothing.
If you actually win something it should be free, right?
It appeared to me this site is
a big fake, cause I used another computer to surf on the same site that I got that popup on. And volia! Same thing happened again, the same day. So it's a fake.
They're just trying to reach out for your money, and maybe they're earning something on your phonecall, especially from other contries.
Sue the bastards?

Anonymous said...

hi, I'm from denmark, and i was nr. 1 bill. The same story as yours. But I din not call the number, I did search on google, and so this page.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Sherbrooke, Quebec...
Received the same pop-up message although Firefox is supposed to block pop-ups...
I knew it was a scam... (nothing is free in this world, you see)
Hope this was reported to Florida FBI.

Anonymous said...

Just recieved this pop-up when visiting
-Google`d the phone number, and found this site...

Anonymous said...

I got this pop up yesterday, I was the billionth visitor as well, I really wanted to believe I had won something so I phoned the number,luckily I don't have a credit card or i would have been in trouble today.The guy on the phone told me he was working for a travel agent coordinating for the Radison and Hilton Hotels,
Now for the warning, in the agreement they mentioned a company Astar which is a legitimate travel company. My advice folks, if it seems to good to be true it usually is. NEVER GIVE OUT CREDIT CARD NUMBERS. Jo, Vic, Australia

patndanah said...


Anonymous said...

Hello,I'm Sara from Italy,
so I was surfing the net for a research, and suddently a pop up appeared on my desktop(EVEN IF "MY" FIREFOX NOT ALLOWS SITES TO OPEN POP-UPS!!),I must admit I was a bit excited for having won a holiday,so,on the spot of the moment,a bit CURIOUS,I phoned.A certain Michael answered.I asked if it was all true!!!
He confirmed and explained the lots of things I could do once arrived to destination.It all seems marvellous, but also too marvellous to be true, that made me "laught silently".The first thing I asked was if I had to pay the flight(I'm from Italy)and he said YES!!!then I asked if I could think about it, just the time to read well about information on their supposed website ( and give my answer the day after phoning back myself!! and he said NO!!!So, it was already 15 minutes that I was speaking to that toll free number,so I said that without the time to read about the info,I could not accept, and I said bye.
Then I found information about the toll number and I found this blog!!!
My suspicion had an answer!!
Many thanks to the ideator of this blog!!
My only doubt is about the toll free number.Is it really a toll free number???Could someone who have already received the receipt of his/her own telephone company say me something about it?? Thanks in advance for the answer!
I really hope that something could be done to exterminate such scammers!!!!

salam said...


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am from Switzerland, and then same happened to me just ten minutes ago! I called the number and they asked me for my Driver license's number and my credit card number. I said that my girlfriend has those two things, and that I will call back tomorrow to give to them. But I decided to search on internet if it's true, and thanks for this site, now I know that is completely false. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Don't call the number they said, it's false!!
Steve from Switzerland

Anonymous said...


The same happened to me and I called. Does anybody know what the phone-call costs from Europe?

JP Skomsoe said...

I just "won" myself... And being the sceptic I am, I immediately googled the site...

I just had an idea, you see. I wanted to call the number just to get them to waste their time... Then I was going to tell them about this website, and pretending to be on their side. It would be kind of funny to tell them I am can set up an interview or help them sue the crap out of this site (pretending to be a lawyer or a journalist or somthing like that).

But sadly, I can't afford to make that call from my cell phone in Norway. I really hope someone can harass these people away! Thank you, btw. from JP in Norway

I just had an idea.

Anonymous said...


I was wisitor number one billion today, and there are 2100 dollars waiting for me, if I call 1-321-397-1885, and there is a cruise waiting for one of 4 who are caling - it might be me!
Well, I googlet the number and now I am here.
I'm not going to call!

A girl in Scandinavia.

Anonymous said...

I got a cruiseflorida popup in my browser a few minutes ago.
As I thought it was too good to be true, I decided to check it out on the web in order to find any further information or references.
I am really grateful I found this forum telling about the scam.

Thanks to all!

WINNER! said...

And i am the 1000000 visitor from Germany! Thanks guys! But someone should stop them! Dear Hackers,please...!

Anonymous said...

Hey im from Norway, i was the lucky winner number 1 Billion to. i won 2100usd for only 900euro????? i filed a fbi reort on it after talked to them for 30 minuts, and its a toll free number

happy holiday, dont give your cradit card number to noone

Anonymous said...

Hi, here is there real contact information

c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA 20172-0447

Sixten said...

There contact information as given by their ISP

c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA 20172-0447

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm Sofia from Finland.
I was just watching pics on some teenidol page and this "You're the millionst visitor" pop-up came. I was curious and I looked what was it. "Cruiseflorida". Haha desperate people. Or worse. But however thx from this "information"!

[My english. LOL :D]

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Sely from Italy and I'm the 1,000,000 visitor too... on I didn't call them...Fortunately I found this blog before...Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

hi. i am ruba from lebanon and i'm the billion visitor. i would like to thank the person who initiated this blog. thank u

Martin said...

Hi. I just helped my parents cancel their credit card before any money was withdrawn. They too won a cruisse in the Bahamas 'n all that - it all seemed too good to be true.

They got the popup from the following site:
The popup mentiones:
And from their on they ask you to check your account on: or

Anyway.. With a canceled credit card they should be safe. I tried to google and it seems there are tons of blogs on this scam. What are they exactly going to do? There is apparently a hotel of that name, but are they in on it? Is it a way to get people to buy the package, but without the "free" cruise? I called the number and they asked me to check the BBB - I could find this, which matches the adresses on expedia, are they one and the same?

Sklaerenn said...

Hi from France!

Today i have had the great experience to receive at work a wonderful pop up warning me that i was the 1 000 000 person to click and awarded a $2100 travel shopping spree. As i'm fluent in english i've called the phone number in US to check my gain. I'm used to such announcements which look really good but always hide something like you win a wonderful prize for free but after a while u discover that u have to pay to have it....

I have listened carefully all what Natacha (the kind Natacha) said to me :

6days and four nights in Orlando all charges (meals, ...) included

4days and 3 nights in Daytona

plus 4 days and 3 nights in Bahamas

and with a rental car included.

I have had the right to listen her saying how lucky i was and how wonderful it will be for me to discover Florida.... Rubbish.... (i forced myself to close my mouth or i'll say bad bad words lol)

and after that she claim for $895 as a participation in the package...

and when i said that i wasn't interested in paying anything she was being really surprised....

Great job for her, she looks to be awarded as the best phone sale actress of the year :)

I knew something was wrong and i checked on the web and find this site :))

So i put my opinion :


Good luck to everybody

Bonjour de France :)

Anonymous said...


i just won the cruise too, curious I called to find out what the catch could be, and I got to speak to lovely Natasha. I don't believe she's part of the scam coz I looked up the phone number on 411. It's telemarketing company called Nuvox communications. I think she believes it's a pr-thing, but the guy - Robin Roussou (?) - that she re-routed me to was really pissy and hardly wanted to answer my questions when he realized i wasn't ready to commit yet. he just kept telling me to use my credit card and pay later. eventually he said i could call back, but he couldn't promise the offer would still be there, depending on "whether they had a vacation offer left for that prize or not". Now he wasn't at all as charming or customer friendly...

/viveka, sweden

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up!

I recently recived a pop up telling me all these good things about a vacation deal i had won!
Ex: $21,00 off a trip for 4 to Flordia,5 days 4 nights discount in orlando and a bunch of other bs. LOL
The scam is still on, and they are using "Summer Bay Resort" as a front.
If something sounds to good to be true, it probbly is! Alawies take the time to look into it. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

sono Michele e anche io oggi sono stato premiato come milionesimo visitatore, a quanto ho letto su questo blog è evidente il tentativo di truffa e mi chiedo quanto tempo deve passare perchè qualcuno se ne accorga e faccia qualcosa per perseguire gli organizzatori. grazie a questo blog ho evitato di correre rischi osservando ancora una volta che a questo mondo ciò che brilla non sempre è oro. grazie a tutti i partecipanti di questo bolog e ai suoi autori.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Sweden! This happened to me yesterday, and I went all the way...:(I gave the guy my number, but to an account that I knew had no money. Two minutes later he told me that there wasn't enough money on my card...How could he tell! It wa exactly the same. Summer Bay Resort, and Summer bay Getaways. The price for 2 100 Dollars, a bonus to Cancun, Mexico, a cruize to the Bahamas, Nascar tickets, A hotel across the street from Seaworld, Orlando... This is sick. I've cancelled my card and my account, so they can't get to me....they are actuallt going to phone me tonight (they said), but we´ll see about that. DAMN!! How could I be so stupid!!!?
Alexandra in Sweden

Anonymous said...

seems like we all going to meet up in the sunshine state!by the way i'm the visitor # 1 billion!i guess a fifth of the world population visits the website.What a freaking dud!

Anonymous said...

from france. je suis la gagnante du jour!!! j'ai hésité, mais ayant un forfait usa,j'ai appellé, et je tombe sur un gars, the clash en fond sonore, qui me pose les questions habituelles, et je me dit que pour un gars qui bosse dans le tourime, meme aux states, il ne connais rien mais rien au français!... je ne suis pas billingue pais je me debrouille et tous les gens que j'ai fréquenté dans le milieu professionel du tourisme a travers le monde connaisse savent au moins dire bonjour! ou au moins: do you live in paris? ou where do you live in france? bref quand la phrase fatidique arrive: "maintenant tout ce qui reste a faire c'est de me donner votre n° de carte de credit" je lui sort "can you repeat please?" et là, deux seconde de silence, puis il raccroche. et maintenant je suis là et je temoigne... il faut en rire, mais ce serais pas mal de les coincer, ça fait plusieurs années qu'ils sévicent quand même...

Anonymous said...

The scam is still upp and running. I was emerged to cal 0013213971883 on the sight
winner&sessionid=011f1459ebfb453e3e337 and a lady asked me for my creditcard nr an told me that a free rental car also was goint to be att my desposel. this was januari the 15è 2007. i was onley ther 50 000 clicker so their organisation is maby shrinking "HA HA"

Anonymous said...

i'm like what the thousand "winner" I'm so mad.........this fucking pop-up showed...normally i click away..but this time i thought let me..check it out..maybe it's my lucky day..NOT!!!!!!!!!! so i called the number all the way from holland you know how much that costs ? so he asked me to check my notificaton number or something like that...pfff i feel totall ripped! the governement should stop this shit and i asked this guy that i got on the phone if it was a fraud..and he said no. and he asked me why would you think that mam..and is said because there are a lot of lies in the wordld of today..but i also be;ieve that your governement is getting a lot of taxes to this bullshit..the country america is crazy!! i m telling people are always busy with money but you are never happy.. i am glad if someone would kill this frauds..they have to be hanged!!!! i hope today muahagagaghahah

Anonymous said...

The scam is still going. I am "the billionth visitor to their site"
As they have an internet address why don't agencies do something.. fortunately I decided to check and found this site.

Anonymous said...

Erika from SWEDEN.
I belived i was the Winner , feeling now as im a fool.
50000000 VISITOR !
2100$-Florida-Bahamas Cruise.(4p)
The lady in phone calles herself Peggy L...and was pleased to inform me of my 2100 dollar winnings and holiday to florida and the bahamas. she was verry educated and seemed to be serious.
fortunateley i have not a credit card. And after finding this side , and finde out its spam . Im not happy and smile. Its realy suck´s! I wont to go to florida .

Anonymous said...

AM Anne from Niderzier Germany today i was a winner of 3000dollars so i visited the google info page and found out it was all a bluff thank you guys i owe u one

Anonymous said...

Hi am anne from Niderzier Germany thanks very much 4 ur help iowe u one viel danke

Roine said...

I got this pop up saying I won a 3 000 $ shopping spree so I goggled the phone number given (1-321-397-1883) and found your blogg. I am a lawyer and can not help paying interest to things that obviously are frauds and scams. I also called the number to hear what they would say. The man was very nice of course as the social skills are the working tools of a fraud.
I thought more about the police in US, what are they doing? They have the phone number and all they need why not just go and get them? According to your blogg they have been doing this for years. In Sweden they would be prosecuted for attempt and/or preparation of fraud. It should not be difficult to show that there was never any intention to deliver anything for free and/or that there are no connection what so ever with the companies they are in some way referring to.
Thank you for this blogg.
May 5, 2007
Roine Sievo

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm from the Netherlands Antilles and I got the same pop-up on my screen. I was so curious and I called the number 00-1-321-397-1870 and I got a man called Barrington on the phone and he asked me the confirmation number but I told him I don't remember it and then he told me that he cab help me to win the cruise but the conversation with him could last very long. So I told him that I will call him back and I hang up because I didn't trust him.

Anonymous said...

thank you for this blogg, i am toyni from norway.takk så mye, håper han blir stoppet.

Anonymous said...

Hello,i am Toyni from norway.the man in the phone said hees name whas Deen, i was visitor nr 500000, i was a winner of 3000 dollar and a holiday cruise in bahamas, rent car and hotell.Thank you very much for this blogg.
May 11, 2007

Anonymous said...

hi im from finland cool site btw i just searched google for =winner&sessionid=(end of the scam link)
and found this ty so much :-) same thing as above millonth visitor 3000$ for 4 peoples cruise xD

Candice from Ohio said...

Okay, here's a new twist on the scam, so watch out for this one. They called me and said tha 18 months ago, my husband paid for this vacation with his Visa card ($399), and it had expired. Well, who wants to lose that much money. This was a "Customer Service" call, letting us know that it had expired and we could reactivate the vacation for another 2 years if we gave a credit card number and paid "Just $99!" It felt like a scam, and neither of us had any memory of authorizing such a charge. She ws unable to give me any info on the card used, and without it, it would have been a real pain to verify. When I questioned her, she said it may even have been a gift purchased in our names. Very fishy. Who buys someone a gift and doesn't tell that person? I'm ashamed to say that I was tempted. Very tempted. Not anymore though. Just wanted all of you out there to know about this new twist on the scam.

On Guard said...

I am one of those 50,000,000 winners too. Impossible, "Right". So you can all stop right here.

Don't respond to the following POPUP or anything to do with

You've won a $3000 Travel Shopping Spree
Your confirmation number is 56111

Anonymous said...

I am the lucky 1,000,000 winner for holiday in florida with cruise etc etc. I am in New Zealand. I rang the number and she sounded really genuine - did not ask for any credit cards or anything and assured me it was for real. She said I had 72 hours to confirm. She was really nice!!

Guess I will have to find my own holiday.

Thanks for the blog

Anonymous said...


Je viens de Montréal au Québec et j'ai appellé au numéro sans frais mardi le 26 juin et je n'ai pas parlé longtemps car je n'étais pas du tout rassurée. Je n'ai évidement pas donné mon numéro de carte de crédit mais le gars m'a tout de suite demandé d'épeller mon nom et numéro de téléphone. J'ai contacté tout de suite la compagnie de téléphone pour les avertir. Je ne suis pas rassurée...Je me demande si c'est possible que je paye des interrurbains sur ma prochaine facture...Est-ce que quelqu'un a déja eu ce problème ou si la fraude est seulement pour le numéro de carte de crédit???

Anonymous said...

Yep, it happened..i fell for it, how stupid is that? Called from the Netherlands (cant wait to check my bill..)and spoke to some guy named Matt. Ofcourse i had the same confirmation no as you all. He sounded fun and explained the whole trip. I was kinda hold back cause i just didnt believe it, but on the other hand..i didnt hang up the phone, still curious i guess. Along came Robert Russo..the all American happy guy who told me the whole story another time ("have yoy ever been to Florida karen?" using my name all the time, smart)At the end i asked for the whole story on paper, so he asked for my address and later my cc. When i told him that i wasnt planning on ginving him my number he answered"then i'll find someone else for the price"and hung up. Haha! Stupid me. Glad to find a site like this, good lesson..

Anonymous said...

They are profesional crocks. My wife alost paid the 898usd for the 3000usd price. She was also the 1000000th costumer. Motherf....

Anonymous said...

Those rats also did this to me.
I was googlin' across the webs, and when i visited a site called "Worldlingo" (just google it) that damn popup of thiers showed up. And well, it didn't really look fake to be honest, so i got curious and i called them. Stupid me. And "Natacha" told me about all that stuff that i've won, Orlando, Disneyworld, free car etc.
I got excited, i couldn't believe my "luck", really. But when i told them that i hadn't a creditcard, i got transferred to a rude woman who said something in the style of "Bye, douchebag, and don't come back!"
And that was it.

BUT SOME DAYS LATER i got called by them AGAIN, but i faked my voice and told them that somebody set them up about my information.

Is that a NEW spin in this fraud?
Well, i hope that they won't call again, immoral rats.

Anonymous said...

I am warren from Melbourne, Australia... when this promo popped up in my screen i get excited because I want to have a great time with my wife in the places they mentioned. But i became hesitant when they started asking for $898... I should be getting this for free isnt it. I consulted my wife about this and told me this is a Fraud, shes right. Thank God for my clever wife!

Angry mother said...

HI from Norway!

Coming home from work today I was met by two exited kids with dreams written allover their faces; Could I believe it, they had won a trip to Florida!! They had (together with my mum, luckily!) called a US number and spoken to this very nice lady, Natascha whom you've already met. My mum said she couldn't make any deals without my accept, that was OK, I could just call back later and make all the arrangements.
My immediate thought was: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! so I decided to google the site name first (they used and SummerBay Resort this time...) and luckily this site turned up!
What can I say but THANK YOU to the one who started this blog!!
Now the worst still remains, I have to watch the sad faces of my kids when I tell them it was all a fraud... :-(

Anonymous said...

It appears as though we have yet another spin on this scam. *THEY* contacted us, not the other way around. My husband received a phone call last evening from 561-750-5150 (caller ID showed the call was from "E Management.) The caller claimed someone in our household had signed up for and won a holiday getaway package. Since our household consists only of the two of us, it wasn't hard to figure out that neither of us had signed up for anything.

Out of curiosity, my husband continued conversing with the caller, a female named Mary. Our winning package consisted of an 8 day getaway: 4 days in Orlando, 3 days in a beach front hotel in Daytona and a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas. All of this could be had for up to four people.

Next came the "requirements." The only money outlay from us would be the purchase of 4 Disney or Universal Studios One-day passes for a total of $198. We would need to avail ourselves for a one-half hour boat ride, departing from Disney, to tour what our hosting company had for sale: time at the Summer Bay Resort.

Next thing you know, sweet Mary was asking for a credit card number. Hmmm... My husband explained that even if we were interested in the "getaway," we don't give out our credit card number to unsolicited phone callers.

At this point, sweet Mary transferred our call to another representative; a male by the name of Bud, who's job was apparently to "tighten the screws" when it came to getting our credit card information. Once my husband finally convinced Bud that our card number was not going to be forthcoming, he took our home address to send us complete information regarding the offer. He also referred us to the website: You can view that site by entering promo code 401SF and any email address (even fake ones.) This site does apparently outline the getaway offer, including fees for things we weren't told about on the phone (i.e.. a "very low promotional rate of $159 per person.")

We are expecting a return call this evening from "Bud." Having discovered the truth about this great "giveaway", we certainly have no intention of purchasing anything. But, we have decided that we'll take the call anyway just to see how much fun we can have with it.

I'm amazed that this scam has been around for so long. Like a virus, I suppose it changes and mutates just enough to stay one step ahead of a cure. I thank each and every one who has participated in this blog. Without their observations, we wouldn't have as complete of a picture of these scammers as we do now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm Rafael from Germany. And I was the 1.000.000 visitor on their(?) (I was never on their site. I was only on a WWE site) site,too. I called them, maybe because they had reliable companies like the World Disney Studios on their page.
The woman was nice, she wanted to know if I had a driver's license and a credit card. I said yes but could hardly understand her because she talked too fast for me.
Because it was very late (11:30pm), I was very tired and not able to speak clear English. She wanted me to find a person who speaks better English. The next day I wanted to call again but then I started research and found this blog.

Thanks everyone of you!!!!
And Thanks to myself that I was so tired!

Anonymous said...

. . . same story here.
If they'd only given me a trip to orlando I would've believed them. It's just to much to be true! thank god.

It's as simple as that, you never win something on the internet . . .

paolo said...

hello here is paolo from italy this scam is still active i've found it on i've just "won" looking for a guitar tab on so be aware of it it's still around! see ya all and hi to all from italy ^^

Mette Løvheim said...

Thank you for your comments on

I have won §3000 today, because I was visitor no.1.000.000,-. I got a confirmation number and all, but when it said I had to call a number to get the claim to price, I got suspicious.

Anonymous said...

DAMN, today I got this pop up the 2nd time. the first time was in september 07. This time I closed it immediately.
The pop up came btw at the same page like a month before.
But now I have to look "Heroes"!

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody,
I am a fool but I wanted so badly to go to Florida and my children to Disney World... They jumped up and down in joy... and I gave Nicole Montaho my creditcardnumber... and I even confirmed it!! I was visitor no and called 1-321-397-1870. I had won 3.000 USD!! The only thing I had to pay was the tax 898 USD. Now I have tried to call to make them take away the amaount before I got my bill... This is a hard lesson... Have anyone been there?? By the way, I have got a confirmation from Sherrie Huggins,

Anonymous said...

Hello from Geneva Switzerland to evrybody !
Yesterday I received a phone call from the US, there was a certain Marie Cox (incomming number: 8003217260 or similary), she told me to work for a company named "A star", the same game like already told here on this side before..., I would receive a documentation in the next 14 days and one time I will be descided in the next 18 months to book this trip I should do this 45-60 days before departure and then they would credit my credit card with the security number. I was really stupid that I did let this ass my credit card number!I did phone to my credit card banc and they told me that they did try to credit my credit card, one time USD 998.00 and one time about USD 350...I'm lucky that that credit card was at its limit! I will now receive a new credit card with a new number.
God I love you :-) !!! Adrian M.

Anonymous said...

Hi :-),
The phone number of Marie Cox from "A Star" that she did give me was 00116768900.
Perhabs this could be usefull one day if the FBI will act, but for sure, seams they have more importand think to do...

leo4must said...

Seems like none ever actually paid. Well, I did today and will report on what happened then. I should have won 3000 $ that is deducted from the total leaving 895 $ to be paid. I will report to you all if the trip was anywhere near worth 3895 or even 895 and if it was not, they will discuss the matter with proper authorities.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am Heidi from norway. Iam just another fool, and stupid me called the number. Then I found this blog. When I called, it was an answeringmashine. Thanks for this blogg!!

Anonymous said...

well im a 13 year old boy from new zealand i was looking aroung for some good riddles and this pop up came up and said your todays winner clame your prize by clicking here.

WELL so gullable i was i clicked the link to go to the website to claim my prize heres th link but i do insist NOT to go along with this>>>:

the website above loaded and had the 2 phone numbers to
Call Toll Free 1-800-322-0508
Outside U.S. Call 1-321-397-1883
i chose the coun try i was calling from and called the number a young man answered he goes by the name JO i was so excited and said "hi ive just one your $3000 travel shopping spree" he said yes congradualations he sounded so ligitimate he said" can i please have your conformation number?"
i quoted this number to him he said "YES your our winner youve won $3000 in travel and a cruise to the bahamas along with tickets to disney land" i was still quite hesitant and said "oh cool is this a scam ? and is this a toll free number from NZ" he said no this is not a scam and the number youve called is toll free. i later on found out that this is a scam and the number was not toll free.!!!!


so he said ok lets go ahead and get your phone number just incase this line cuts off i gave it to him and now im really worryed i gave out my first and last name and my phone number who can tell me if this is alright. OK

he went along to ask me if i was married not knowing that i was 13 i hesitated and said "oh im only 13" he asked me if my parents were home and i said no there at work he said to me " well would you be able to get your parents to call me back later on?" "i said oh yeah sure" and he said "ok thankyou have a great day" and he hung up

after he hung up i was soo engrosed in what he told me i thought to my self about all the scams that are out there som good and some not so good

so i called my mother at work she was not impressed because i had interupted her in her work

she said to me no i cant ring that number because its international

i was in the stat of crying nearl and said to my mother but mum !! she hung up and said goodbye

i rang the toll free number again this time a person called bill answered i said to him and explained my situation to him he said yes you will be able to call us tommorow because hi office was closing he said that we may not have a chance by ringing tommorow because the claim numbers get recycled i was starting to get suspicious -- the claim numbers get recycled i thought??? what the #%@*^!!

and he said all we had to do is ring him back tommorow and ask for him so i hang up and rang my mother again she said i can do nomore son and saind she had to go !! she later ang and said to me to ring her close friend to call them and pretend to be her!!

so i rang mums friend i tolde her our predicament we were in and she said well i get these things all the time saying ive won a BMW, oney or some other lovely prize.
i just said to her oh yeah and we ended on an alright note.

i hang up and thught about it untill my mother came home for lunch she no its probably just a scam i was still quite convinced.

a hour or so later i looked up on the internet the number i had rung and found all these blogs about SUMMER BAY RESORTS scams and im very pleased i had googled this scam and now am writing this to tell anyone out there who wants to listen SO THANKYOU TO ALL YOU OTHER VICTIMS OF SUMMER BAY RESORTS SCAM PEOPLE and i now no if o went along with it i woul be short of money and dignity!!!:):D:0

Christel Rønn said...

I'm from Denmark the date is 27 December 2007 and I called the pnone number and was very pleased to find out that I had won. I never win anything so I was very pleased, but when a woman called Amanda asked for my credit card number, I knew someting was wrong. So I said she couldn't get my card and account number- she said she needed the number or I couldn't get my travel, so I said to bad and hung up. I needed to know for sure that it was a scam and found this site so thank you to you all. They should really be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

The scam is still on the net on January the third.

Tobbe, Stockholm said...

Still there, felt the urge to call there for a little while, googled first, saw this forum, thanks guys. :)

maja said...

Now the web site comes up at facebook, i was playing at facebook when suddenly I was the i millon th visitor today, call them as stupid as I am, but don`T have any credit card, so I could get my award. fuck them and watch out, they scam you. maja denmark

Anonymous said...

I too was the visitor number 1million on cruiseflorida, its really annoying how these people get away with it, anyway, i have done some research on them, the domain is registered to a company called OMNI INTERNATIONAL and the worrying thing is that gets hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, and something more worrying is that omni international have over 1000 registered domains some info i found..
Administrative Contact, Technical Contact: OMNIINTERNATIONAL
c/o Network Solutions,
P.O. Box 447,
Herndon, VA 20172-0447,
Domain servers in listed order:

I think that any complaints should be made to informing them that they are hosting scam artist website on their servers

Ivan said...

Hello there,
the date is 7 March 2008 and this scam is still on! Is there any legal steps that can be performed against those people?

Randi Baad said...

Today is March 17, and the scam is still on. This is the 4th time in 3years that I have "been visitor no. 1.000.000"

Wish something could be done!

Anonymous said...

hi guys,you've gotta admit these guys are good, they had me and my entire family going for a moment there. but gladly by God's grace i looked up this site and now i can save my $898 from these fraudsters.
I am forever grateful to this lovely site.
Oh, by the way, i from Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody..

I went through the same, the pop-up window showed up on facebook. I didn't believe it could be a scam when it was from facebook.. So i called the number, and felt pushed into the whole thing about the trip.. Off course i was surspiceous, so they gave me a lot of details about the trip, and told me to look at their web-page and all.. I went all the way, giving them my credit card number, adress, phone nr. and all.. So I've payed 398$.. Now I can login at and see all details about the trip, terms and conditions, how much i've payed and what the travelpackage include.. They told me that i've got to go on the trip within 5 years. Is this really fake? I've also been in contact with this Sherrie huggins and have received confirmations about the trip... Are there anybody who have taken this trip yet..???
After I've been visiting this web-site i'm very confused... If this really is a scam though i've got so many informations about the trip, then how do I get my money back???
Maria, Denmark

Anonymous said...

hahaha lol funny im the 1mil visitor of the website aswell this time on ;p when i clicked on it, well i clicked on the cross but a new webpage poped up. and i thought im going to google it and see whats it is and i found this lol...

Anonymous said...

hahaha lol funny im the 1mil visitor of the website aswell this time on ;p when i clicked on it, well i clicked on the cross but a new webpage poped up. and i thought im going to google it and see whats it is and i found this lol...

Anonymous said...

hahaha lol funny im the 1mil visitor of the website aswell this time on ;p when i clicked on it, well i clicked on the cross but a new webpage poped up. and i thought im going to google it and see whats it is and i found this lol...

Anonymous said...

Got the link to there website from

Why do'nt they check the adds?

Anonymous said...

LOL HI guys I am MALIK from Sudan, for the last two days I was so confused about whether to believe these guys or not taking me to FLorida when they said that I won because I am The Millionth Visitor of a website. I called them for several times and it cost me $10. not much... I searched it for I found this THE GOOD NEWS IS I didnt tell them any information about me???? AINT that NICE

ramdaye said...

I am from Trinidad and this thing just happened to me. They told me I just won a trip courtesy summer bay resorts. BE CAREFUL EVERYONE. The law enforcers need to do something about these people

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I'm French and those scammers played the same joke on me today. I didn't think much, because this was so wonderful. So I called them.
Fortunately I'm 16 so I don't have a credit card number to give. I was asked to ask another person their credit card number.
When my brother came back home he told me this was most probably a scam but I didn't want to acknwoledge it. I checked and now that I've read your website I cannot doubt any longer!
I hate myself for having been sooooo stupid (how could I not notice I couldn't possibly be the millionth visitor of youtube?)and I love you guys for your warnings and comments.
One thing frightens me though:this thing has been going on for two years now? Isn't it time for these motherfucking bastards to be sued and burn in hell?

Anonymous said...

just the same for me today
obviously i didn't give my card number...i am from France

Anonymous said...

The same for me, but a didn`t give my card number. I spoke for 17 min and it cost me $1,5 (17 kr) from Sweden.

Why did I even call????? Stupid!

Anonymous said...

Hi - we all are nice people and too optimistic, I think, but not stupid enough to finance those bastards' having fun in the Carribean. Thanks a lot for this page! I was chosen, because got 14th anniversary - so we know now, that the police is really slooooow!
They used again the Summer Bay Ressorts logo, so probably they should do sth about it, too.
Anyway, have a nice time and I wish everyone who is contacted by those s.o.b.-s will find this blog!!! Bye and take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi from Finland:
today i am the winner, they ask me my creditcard number and of course i dontgive it. sounds to good to be true... but have anybodu try it???

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody from france the great nation of soccer,

I red all the comments and it seems that you've been unlucky with those guys on phone.
I have called the toll number, gave my winning number and received four tickets for a wonderfull trip, plus tickets for disneyland... Do not be scare fellows you will be reward.


Razvan said...

Hy guys. Romania here same sh!t :); ain't even call it cause lack of infos in the initial request form besize the address... didn't took to long to access home page and see that ultra-mega-superficial abordation for a travelling guide and so on! guys never do something what can involve the smallest material loss like a phone, shiping corespondence coz some reasons or anything else! always ask opinions about any dubious site on microsoft or other similar pages!

Razvan said...

Hy guys. Romania here same sh!t :); ain't even call it cause lack of infos in the initial request form besize the address... didn't took to long to access home page and see that ultra-mega-superficial abordation for a travelling guide and so on! guys never do something what can involve the smallest material loss like a phone, shiping corespondence coz some reasons or anything else! always ask opinions about any dubious site on microsoft or other similar pages!

Anonymous said...

hey here is the adress... I wrote you on the name, check it out

Anonymous said...

somebody whould give this info to the police
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA 20172-0447
Phone: 570-708-8780

Anonymous said...

Franco from Italy.
I own a blog with AdBrite splash window advertising code.
Checking my blog, i had the same lucky event lol.
It's a SCAM, run away from them!
(i will try and check AdBrite to remove that sh!t from the approved sites!)

Nightblade+-- said...

Hi, my name is David and I'm from South Africa.
As can be expected I was also a winner of the 1 mil- blah blah blah.

What saved me from even starting on this downward path was this thread.
So I send my unrestrained and full hearted thanks to those who have warned us of this scam.

Thanks a million.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
The scam is still on ... they're getting better at it too.
The salesman/artist I spoke too, was pretty irate when I refused to give him a credit card number.
Poor guy!!!

Hope some steps are taken to block these people soon.

Anonymous said...

Two days ago I also was a winner. I have also spoken with Vicky and later on with a men. First I was listen to them both, but then I realise that all of this was a trick. They did not ask me for a creditcardnumber because I hang on on this scam. This was the number I had to call so TAKE CARE!!
Hope somebody can stop that people.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I come from Hong Kong. I can't believe that this scam started in year 2005 and still active in year 2009!
I was poped by an ad saying that I am the 1 million visitors to the site. It asked me to enter my address for the delivery of two complimentary cruise packages with values approximately US$3000. Thanks to this blog that I saved my pocket!!

Anonymous said...

am the i million visitor on youtube and i won 3000$ and 4 tickets to the bahamas , not anative english speaker so i didnt understand much of the chinese girl words that i called the number 0014072603625 which i found it belongs to theomni international .ink in florida and she asked me about my name and mobile number,..nothing else,..but i found ahevy charge for the call i did about 1$/min.

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing today. I was sceptical, but curious, so I called the number 0178419695 from Paris. Yep, curiosity is dangerous. Of course I didn't give my credit card number, but latter I began to worry about my phone bill. And then I found this blog. I regret what I've done!

What makes me call immediately rather than google first is the counting down device on the pop up. How crafty are the scammers!!! Hate them!

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Igor I am from Moldova (fost USSR) and they told me YOU WON 3000$ after that I asked Google about this site and find this forum and understood everything about these fucking hi-jackers

Gemma said...

Hi all, Gem from England :0) seems that they have changed the pop ups to actual adds now, which is why my rather paranoid pop up blockers didn't work. The 1,000,000th visitor click here... The add is run by Summer Bay Resorts so I think we can assume they are still at it. Only this time they have added an interesting, if almost impossible to read, disclaimer on the entry form:

One winner per household. Today's Travel Spree winners will receive two complimentary cruise packages. No purchase necessary to receive cruise vacations. All winners are responsible for cruiseline service fees and appropriate taxes at the time of travel. All winners must submit a fully completed, accurate registration form and then call the provided telephone number to complete their registration. Cruise vacations will be delivered via e-mail on or before 5/31/09 (think I need a time machine for this). Cruise vacations are valued at approximately $3000. Complimentary cruise vacation is provided by Special T travel. Seller of travel #ST23944. All winners will also receive $3000 in Travel Awards. Travel Awards cannot be transferred to third parties and cannot be redeemed for cash money.

By completing and submitting this form, all winners agree and give assent to be contacted by telephone for the purpose of redeeming their Travel Awards and to be informed of additional offers that may be available.

That would be the bit where they take your contact details and sell them to every one else then...

Travel Awards can only be used as a discount on Summer Bay Resort's promotional vacations. "$3000 in Travel Awards" represents the vacation discount you can receive if you decide to purchase. Void were prohibited by Law! This advertising material is being used for the purpose of soliciting sales of Vacation Ownership Plans.

They've changed it slightly to an advertising scam on the face of it, all the packages are for more than 3000 and the money paid is the difference the vouchers don't cover... Yes, this is what it looks like, an unethical, but ok advertising thing... Now go google 'Special T travel. Seller of travel #ST23944' and start counting the amount of complaints and law actions that come up... They are trying to look a lot more reputable but they are still up to the same shit.


Anonymous said...

I live in Ireland, and this is the second time I have received this pop up.
First time, I phoned the Dublin No. and gave them a confirmation no. Then this guy with an American accent just rattled on and on about what I had won, and I was like !Wow!, he knew I was falling for it.
Well, after 20 mins. he decided to tell me the cost and for my credit card details.
And when I refused, this is when he turned nasty, and even had the cheek to ring me back.

And now it has happened again just now, same Dublin No.
Is there any point in reporting these rat bags to the Police?.
It is terrible to think that some people will be taken in by them, and they seem to be around for years, judging by the comments.

Anonymous said...

This scam still exists some 4 years after the first post.This week I have received not one but two "1 mil visitor" pop ups. One at work and one at home the next day. Rang with the first and got no pressure for credit card but told you have 7 days to confirm. Call back using local New Zealand number and ask for Nancy.
Hey this is a new twist and gave me the time to check for scams.
thanks for the advice as have planned to visit florida later this year and could well of been caught out. Will report to local police but wonder how many will get sucked into giving credit card info.

nikesh said...

Its 20th July 2010 today and I was the 1 millionth winner....I don't usually go for this but it looked so different than the other usual ones saying I won $3000...the amount was not so big as the other scams and seemed quite genuine and I nearly called them.....then Thankyou guys,,,this blog stopped me.....Nik from Switzerland

monikca's life page said...

hi my is Monikca, uae ajman. i to got this popup from (7 sep 2010)saying i am winner for 3000$ chq and asked to call a number within 4 min when i closed another popup came a ready sms just tofill my name, emailid and was so tempting
and i filled that.
lets see what happens next.
if anybody knows what happens next pl feel free to drop me a mail in

Amiram said...

May 2nd, 2011 and is still active.
When I did not hurry to give my credit card number the agent just hung up on me!

Amiram said...

May 2nd, 2011 and and/or is still active.
They hung up on me when I did not hurry to give my credit card number.

Anu D said...

May 2nd 2011 on Monday evening my son got the popup and because the time to contact them was ticking so we just called without thinking and you could see the stars shining in my sons eyes because he was so excited - and so was I. I gave them my name,number and address but nothing more because getting worried about still paying 898$! They even said that there´s a difference being worried and paranoid and I´m the paranoid one. Well, luckily I said we´re clever here in Finland and don´t give our credit numbers just like that. Well, they hang up and here I am with my disappointed son, feeling stupid and released, ready to contact the police and afraid of the coming phonebill. God bless you all and let the justice finally win.
Mother and son from Turku, Finland

Anonymous said...

June 9, 2011 -

Like everyone else, I was the lucky winner of $3000 but I knew it was scam from the get-go and decided to be funny by making the phone call anyways. They asked me for a lot of my personal information which I did not feel comfortable leaving such where I lived and/or my phone number. I kept laughing which obviously annoyed the person so he told me he did not want to waste my time anymore if I was not going to be serious. Haha, so I've been calling these people left and right making prank calls. I got a hold of this one dude named Matt and asked him if he was a 46 year-old eggplant. He told me that he was a grapefruit. He went on to ask me if I wanted to guess what he was wearing and if I wanted to have his number. My boyfriend made barfing noises on the phone as he gave me the information. Too funny! :)