Friday, August 12, 2005

Web Searching Tips

I'd like to give each QTSaver user the opportunity to add Web Searching Tips, to tag them, to search them. Eventually this may become a huge collection of Web Searching Tips.

It will look like this:

Name: Link to command tips
Tag: zeevveez, command, link, advanced,

Name: Be Specific
Tip: if you want information about QTSaver leads feature, search for "QTSaver leads feature" not "QTSaver".
Tag: zeevveez, Specific, general, beginners,

Name: phrase search
Tip: Tell the search engine to give you pages where the terms appear in exactly the order you specify.
Tag: zeevveez, phrase, beginners

Name: Web Directory
Tip: If you're more interested in broad, general information, the first place to go is to a Web Directory.
Tag: zeevveez, directory, beginners,

Name: Link for finding people on the web
Tag: zeevveez, people, beginners, advanced, link,

Name: Avoid stop-words
Tip: stop words are unimportant words too short and too common. However, if you look for a whole phrase you can find even the phrase "to be or not to be" which is coposed only from stop-words.
Tag: zeevveez, stop-words, beginners

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