Friday, August 12, 2005

The weather in Los Angeles

The logic of search is not common sense.
I wanted to know what the weather in Los Angeles is. So I entered the words weather Los Angeles into Google and got 9,780,000 results. First results were two days ago but I wanted to know what the weather will be in the next days, when my friend lands there.
so I added to my keywords the word forecast and went to Google News
First results were three days ago.
I was stuck.
Then I thought this is a known needle in an unknown haystack . Weather forecast is so common that I'm sure hundreds of sites about Los Angeles have it. So I entered only the words Los Angeles and the first result was a hit.


Ehud S. said...

That's an intresting incidence.
I thought about a bit and i got confused. for a moment it seemed to be: a Known needle in any Haystack.
I'll try to remeber this rule:
If you are looking for a known needle in an unknown/any haystack go for the haystack

Google Page Rank 6 said...
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