Thursday, August 25, 2005

QTSaver speaks Hebrew

We hired a programmer to translate QTSaver into Hebrew.
Today he finished the first phase of his work and I hurried to test it.
I wrote "global warming" in Hebrew and it worked.

This is a very significant development since at least three potential clients said they can work only in Hebrew.

There are also many off-line projects that we'd like to try in Hebrew, like a new dictionary that will, for example, bring all green vegetables in one query. Today you can not get one answer for such a question.

It will take a few more days until it will be good enough to present this Hebrew version to the world, but anyhow it’s a good day for QTSaver.

There is a Czech proverb that says:

He who knows four languages is four times a human being

Well, QTSaver is not and will never be a human being but I hope that until the end of this year it will know four languages.

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