Saturday, August 13, 2005

Import your Blog into a database

I imported my Blog into a Microsoft Access database, in order to retrieve the records I need. I searched for all the records in my Blog containing the word QTSaver and got this:

  • This blog is dedicated to my new research tool, QTSaver, which extracts info from multiple sites into one document, which then can be sorted so that in a very short time you can write an article without using a word of your own.
  • I started with the first name on the list "Organizing with styles" and entered the keywords Organizing styles Microsoft Word into QTSaver.
  • Looking for a similar patent to Qtsaver patent is an unknown needle in an unknown haystack and I'll know it for sure only when we get the patent (Now it's pending).
  • Each morning when people take their dog to a walk - I take QTSaver to a learning adventure.
  • This was a nice morning walk with my QTSaver…now I'll have my breakfast.
  • QTSaver is not a search engine, but if you want to prepare a paper about the situation in parents' home in Herzliya in the shortest possible time and without a word of your own - you'd better use QTSaver.
  • - Who really needs QTSaver?
  • - Where in the world would QTSaver help the most? - In Africa. QTSaver can help to reduce illiteracy in Africa. So I entered the following keywords in QTSaver.
  • I'd like to give each QTSaver user the opportunity to add Web Searching Tips, to tag them, to search them. Eventually this may become a huge collection of Web Searching Tips.
  • Tip: if you want information about QTSaver leads feature, search for "QTSaver leads feature" not "QTSaver".
  • I think QTSaver can be great for blind and visually impaired users, since it retrieves less text and the text is more to the point than in other alternatives.
  • Anyhow, I decided first of all to check what is already known on the Web about all this and I entered the keywords: Education for All into QTSaver. (I asked for a whole phrase). I expected to get an empty results page but it was full of useful information.
  • From the LEADS (a list of special words QTSaver supplies for further research) I learned that Education for All is called briefly by its acronym: EFA.
  • I typed in QTSaver the words Resources English beginners free and asked that they appear on one paragraph. I got only one answer:A week ago I sent a letter to a center for research on aging offering them to use QTSAVER. I claimed that it might specially fit the elderly because it gives many answers on one page and saves the confusion of getting too many results in too many links.

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