Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Welcome On board, Eddie !

Eddie is a mathematician and a computer scientist. He likes QTSaver and its potential benefit for the heavy sighted learners and that's why he asked to join our development team.

I asked him why it is so hard for novice users to acknowledge the value of QTSaver instantly.

- Well, people like their junk food fast and tasty, not nutritious and deep.
Deep scares them. When they have a choice between fast and slow they choose the
fast even if it doesn't give them the info they need, even if it can not arrange
- Is it hard to feel that you save time?
- It is hard to get
people to give you the chance to prove it. When you say two-three sentences
before showing a clear benefit they will not listen…

I feel so good about getting young people on board – it gives the herald of the revolution of QTSaver a chance to live longer and to penetrate deeper.

Welcome On board, Eddie !


Allen Searls said...

Congrats Zeev. Best of luck with this. I still need to give QTSaver a whirl. It's on my list, and let's keep in touch.


zeevveez said...

This is surprising:
I contacted you, Allen, about a month ago about the Education for All project. I didn't mention QTSaver although I knew that you work with Dr. Matthew Koll, who is a renowned internet expert. So you found out about QTSaver all by your own...
I know how busy you are running the wonderful Wondir service so it is a great honor to be on your list.
Thanks for visiting my Blog.