Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Free-Web-School Blink List

On one of my recent posts I suggested to build a Website for learning resources so that whoever wants to learn by himself will have the opportunity.
This proposed Website will include only links to learning resources.

Today I understood that such a website already exists
It's called Blinklist

I started publishing there the links I already got and Tagged them with the following Tags:
Free-Web-School, [subject] [Level]

Here are some examples:

Learn English Online - Learn English, Learn Spanish, Learn Italian
and more.

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If you'll open the Blinklist home page and search for Free-Web-School you'll see
all the links I already gathered.
If you'll search for Free-Web-School
Beginners you'll get all the Beginners' links etc.

You are invited to add any Free-Web-School resource link you find fit for our vision, preferably for Beginners level.


Mind Valley said...

Glad to see that you discovered our new site www.BlinkList.com. We are trying to evolve BlinkList into the most powerful online social learning tool so please let us know how we can keep improving the site if you come across any ideas or suggestions.

Happy blinking!


Anonymous said...

dear sir,
I love your blog and I think you are doing a very important thing for the society. I would like to recomend a link you can add to you free web school.
Good luck with your project.

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