Saturday, August 20, 2005


Michael Arnzen wrote about The Work-for-Hire Plagiarist:

There's been a spate of job listings coming in from student plagiarists looking
to hire professionals to write their papers for them...

It seems that there is a potential market here for QTSaver which delivers similar results without beeing a plagiarist. I thought this is an angle that would interest Michael Arnzen, so I wrote him the following comment:

I invented a new research tool, QTSaver, which extracts info from multiple sites
into one document, which then can be sorted so that in a very short time a
student can write an article without using a word of his own. A teacher who
checked out QTSaver commented: How are teachers to ensure, in the future, that
the essays their students are supposed to write aren't "QT-produced"? My opinion
is that hiring a person to do your papers and then publishing them in your name
is immoral, but I have no moral problem with using a software to collect the
info you need: not only you'll have to understand what you collect - also you'll
have to learn a new software.

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