Friday, August 26, 2005

Qtsaver on the operating table

Eddie checked up QTSaver and came up with the following analysis:
QTSaver is composed of two independent systems, Search and processing.
search system is different from other known search systems because it retrieves parts
of documents and not whole documents.
The processing system is not just
different - it's unique, because regular retrieval systems give you a results'
page and that’s it, they don't bother to arrange results from multiple resources
on one document, or to erase superfluous info.
Since the processing system is the
more pioneering I recommend checking the market's
demand for processing search result software and then developing more new

- Well done, Eddie, I like your analysis. Can you analyze why QTSaver is so cool?
-That is a question you'll have to ask a psychology expert but as a user I agree that this whole journey of developing QTSaver is fun.

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