Wednesday, August 03, 2005

a short method to extract bibliography

My friend Udi went to the Hebrew university in Jerusalem to hang my ad near the entrance door to the National Library:

Term paper
A software (in English) that
helps making term papers
Details: (My_name, My_phone_number)
the software is free
The software is in development and we will be happy to
get your feedback.

In the next day I got a call from a student who needs urgently to finish a work he started about Orientalism and Islam. I gave him the address and the password of Q.T. on the phone but he said he would rather come to me to learn how to actually manipulate the software.

We met on the following day and he told me that the hard part of the work is verifying the sources. You have to go to the National Library and check the books. I suggested writing the name of the book in Amazon and then looking inside the book and copying what's written on the second page- behind the cover. Later we saw that not every book has a picture and the ability to look behind the cover page
- so I tried to look for the words Orientalism Islam bibliography in QTSaver, and in a short while got the following hit:
with more than 30 names of resources that the student needed.
But this can be done with any search engine – he claimed.

So I did another search for the words Orientalism Islam definition which gave him several definitions from several sources on one page. This time he was just dizzy… His mouth stayed wide open and he said: in a short while nobody will be able to enter your building because it will be blocked by students who will need QTSaver.

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