Sunday, August 14, 2005

skate sneakers

I heard that in Japan kids use skates that are built- in their shoes. I wanted to know how these shoes look like.

So I typed in Google skates shoes and got shoes that are called "skates shoes" but they were shoes without skates.

In QTSaver I had the same problem and even the Leads didn't save me.

I thought maybe I chose the wrong words and consulted SurfWax which is a search engine with a built- in thesaurus. I got:

Broader: footwear footgear
Narrower: anklet baby shoe blucher bluchers
bowling shoe brogan brogue clodhopper work
shoe calceus chopine chopines
platform platforms congress boot congress shoe
congress gaiter flipper
fin fins gaiter ghillie gillie gym shoe
sneaker tennis shoe Loafer
moccasin moccasins oxford pump pumps
running shoe sandal walking
shoe wedgie
wedgies wing tip .

Broader: sports equipment

Narrower: ice- skate roller- skate skateboard

These were too many alternatives…

So I called a friend who knows English and he told me that these shoes are called SKATE SNEAKERS.

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