Saturday, August 27, 2005

Who needs HELP files?

Yesterday I got an Email from another user who thinks that QTSaver is a search tool.
It made me think deeper how to explain QTSaver to newbies.

I think the sender didn't read the HELP file which explains what QTSaver is and skipped the logo.

I thought we newbies tend to skip the HELP files and to figure out things all by ourselves; or maybe we open these HELP files only when we admit that we are not as intelligent as we thought; or maybe we open them only when we are in trouble; or maybe we have traumas from opening too complicated HELP files in the past; or maybe we are so used to search engines that when we see a research tool we grasp it as a search tool with new features and not as a totally new way to deal with new problems.

I asked myself:

How should I make QTSaver self-evident without a HELP file?

I came up with the CDC solution – Collect - Dig - Compose

Collect is instead of Search.
Dig is instead of Refine.
Compose is
instead of Sort.
  • In QTSaver we don't search for matches for our keywords – we collect excerpts that contain them.
  • We don't refine our search – we dig deeper into our subject matter with the help of important words that are suggested to us by a sophisticated algorithm.
  • We don't sort our search results – we arrange them by a brand new system that lets us put each excerpt in its right place so that the result is a complete essay.

    Thank you, all our users, for your feedback.
    You know what you make us, developers, do?
    You make us THINK.

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