Friday, August 05, 2005

Education for all part 1

In order to implement our vision we thought the best starting point would be teaching English.

For that we need free English resources for beginners.

I estimated this will take me at least a day of searching but it took me only five minutes.
I typed in QTSaver the words Resources English beginners free and asked that they appear on one paragraph. I got only one answer:

Online Course for Beginners This is a free online learning course for English
beginners. The course collects the best beginner resources available at this
site and guides the beginning student from the very basics to more advanced
subjects. Ideal for learners who want to improve their English on their own
following a course on the Internet. Grammar for Beginners The entire collection
of grammar exercises, quizzes, charts and explanations desigened especially for
beginners collected on one easy to use page.

The site is on and here is an excerpt from it:
Dialogues for BeginnersFor use in your classes, or for learning basic vocabulary
for specific situations, these dialogues provide a base on which to build.
· Introductions
· Telling the Time
· Giving Personal Information
· In a Shop
· In an Airport
· Asking for Directions
· In a Motel / Hotel
· In a Restaurant

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