Saturday, August 27, 2005


Today I subscribed to Wondiring Blog and suddenly got the following feed on Rojo:

QTSaver: Free Web School
Zeev's first
towards his Education for All program. I'm more familiar with Q&A
sites/services than education sites, but in terms of free web school's, one good
one that comes to mind is Suite101, which
just made all their online courses free (I believe).

I left them the following comment:

Thanks for this great tip.
It wasn't exactly what I hoped for (elementary
school materials for third world illiterates) but still it is a step in the
right direction.

The courses are indeed free (more than 200 courses) .

Two of the links of the courses were broken.

The site is full of
commercial ads.

Anyhow, they have great free courses. for example:
101: The Successful Audition
Affordable Fitness
African Grey Parrots -
Devoted Friends
An Introduction to Classical Athens
Ancient India B.C. 323
to A.D. 300: Polity, Economy and Society.
Aromatherapy for Life
Attracting Backyard
Awesome Grades in Math and Science

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