Saturday, August 06, 2005

plan to use SkyPe for instruction

  • Yesterday night I started a chat on SkyPe with my friend Danny - it is more polite than calling.
    He wrote that he is busy on the phone.
    Meanwhile I got a call on SkyPe from my son's teacher. She bought a new computer and she knows nothing about operating it. My son asked me to help her. She asked me how to fix the time on the computer clock. I told her that I'm not an expert but I happen to be on a chat with my friend Danny who is an expert.

    So Danny wrote to me on the SkyPe chat form that the Israeli time is fixed by the government and not by the Internet clock and in order to fix this problem you have to double click on the computer clock and a dialog box is opened with a check box for the Internet clock... I read the instructions to the teacher and after five minutes she succeeded in implementing them.

    If and when the EDUCATION FOR ALL PROGRAM will start we plan to use SkyPe for instruction.
  • The teacher will tell the pupil to write in English names of animals, for example;
  • The pupil will write it in the SkyPe chat;
  • The teacher will correct misspellings on the SkyPe chat;
  • The pupil will read what he wrote;
  • The teacher will correct his pronunciation.

    Pretty cool, ha? And for free...

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