Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Education for All is looking for a new name

This morning I looked for a new name for our Education for All enterprise.

Education for All or EFA is already used by UNESCO.

Oni's vision is a correct name since it is my partner Oni's vision
– but nobody will understand it without an explanation and good names have to stand alone.

So I thought about literacity – the city of literacy. It sounded right but I checked it out on QT and found that it was already in use for the international promotion of Austin poets and writers , by the George W. Bush Literacity Fund. There is a computer-based instructional material called LiteraCity Etc.

Then I thought about calling it Knowledge village – it sounded catchy to me, but checking it out in QT revealed that Dubai Knowledge Village

(KV) is a vibrant, connected learning community that will develop the
region’s talent pool and accelerate its move to the knowledge economy.

Than I thought about Literacy Ladder but it also was occupied:

The media literacy ladder is a visual organizer to help teens identify, analyze, and evaluate media messages.

Then I thought about Liana as an African plant that climbs high but it was also occupied since
Liana is also the name of a C/C++-like object-oriented programming language.

So I decided to wait for your suggestions…

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