Monday, October 10, 2005

Importance and Anonymity

Last week I invited Bloggers who are interested in the future of the Internet to take a look at QTSaver. There happened to be a conference about Web 2.0 issues in San Francisco so that I had many candidates to choose from. I started with very high hopes and the posts from the conference were quite interesting. Checking my site-meter I saw that a few Bloggers accepted the invitation.

Inviting people is a very boring task. The reports about the conference started to repeat themselves. I looked at pictures of the people in the conference - they looked very happy with their glasses of wine in their hands. My overall impression was that there was nothing exciting new breakthrough but when people are meeting on such a large scale this promises to have some effect on the future. Anyhow it was another proof that Web 2.0 is alive and kicking.

I started suspecting that I I'm targeting the wrong audience and I started asking myself whether these Bloggers are happy to get the invitation. From day to day I felt that this path is mistaken. The work was too much in relation to the consequences. Most of the few visitors that checked QTSaver didn't leave any comment and didn't return. Eventually I stopped the campaign and started thinking how to reach bigger audiences with lesser effort.

I knew that electronic newspapers are very hard to reach because the editors are flooded with suggestions. On the other hand I could not afford to pay for PR. My best friend in situations of crisis is QTSaver. I entered the words submit software article and started surfing. After a few moments I found an unbelievable
list of article-directories. It was very surprising to me because I didn't know that there is such a thing. Happily I chose the first link and started publishing. Let's see what this direction brings.

I am convinced that the voice of QTSaver must be heard.
Publicity is the bridge over the gap between QTSaver's importance and its anonymity.

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