Friday, December 09, 2005

QTSaver Time Table

15/03/2005 Oni meets inventor and hears about QTSaver.
01/04/2005 Programmer puts QTSaver on the WWW (Yahoo and Google APIs).
03/04/2005 QTSearch gets a password.
19/04/2005 A patent pending application is issued and the company is registered.
29/04/2005 A new interface is designed.
07/05/2005 QTSearch SMS by-product starts working.
11/05/2005 First user starts feed backing.
16/05/2005 Programmer works on QTphone.
28/05/2005 Programmer improves retrieval speed.
15/06/2005 Hebrew HELP is publicized. Research on SMS bugs is finished.
28/06/2005 SMS algorithm is finished. High percentage of relevant results.
03/07/2005 Demo page starts.
17/07/2005 First publicity in a newspaper brings more users.
21/07/2005 Opening a Blog that is dedicated to the development of QTSaver.
24/07/2005 New interface.
25/07/2005 Udi joins the development team.
26/07/2005 Work on Hebrew version starts.
01/08/2005 Opening Chat.
02/08/2005 Opening Forum.
02/08/2005 Meeting with the organization for the visually impaired students.
24/08/2005 Hebrew version-1 is finished. Eddie joins the development team.
01/09/2005 Revealing first competitor – THECONCEPT.
08/09/2005 Revealing second competitor – ORION.
13/09/2005 Getting the password off and changing the domain name to QTSaver.
13/10/2005 DMOZ and Wikipedia API are added as new sources.
19/10/2005 Metasearch is operational.
20/11/2005 WAP site is finished.
24/11/2005 First commercial client.
25/11/2005 Zohar designs a new logo and a new interface.
27/11/2005 We discover that Opera Browser is working fine with the Wap site.
07/12/2005 Business presentation is ready.
07/12/2005 Hebrew version-2 is finished.

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