Monday, December 12, 2005

QTSaver Research

My friend Udi Segal commented on my posting about table-of-contents saying that in order to make my Blog even more friendly I'll better sum up the main issues. I accepted his advice and here is the sum up of Chapter 3 - RESEARCH:

In this chapter I show the results of researches about the following questions:

• How new versions of QTSaver effect the results of the queries?
• How to use QTSaver to collect information about a new subject (mobile gambling)?
• Are QTsaver results more relevant than those of other search engines?
• Are Pileup Queries better than regular queries?
(Pileup Queries take the first "suggestion to refine your query" and add it to the query phrase, then the first suggestion to refine the query from the second results page and so on until the suggestion is a repeated suggestion).
• How to rearrange microcontents by views (by country)?
• Is QTpedia feasible? Can QTSaver results complete articles that were published in Wikipedia?
• What did I do in this Blog?

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