Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why QTSaver?

A table of contents that is copying the original headings of each posting doesn't convey clearly what's in the body of these postings.

In a comment to my above mentioned posting my friend Udi Segal
advised me to sum up the main issues that the Blog deals with. I accepted his advice and here is the sum up of Chapter 1: EXPLENATIONS

In this chapter I ask "Why QTSaver?" and answer:

To reduce search engine frustration: people look for information and don't find it.
There are millions of unique terms that bring a satisfying answer on the first result. For almost every unique word there is such an answer. But on the other hand, in case one word has many meanings (synonyms) or many meanings have one word (Homonyms) the computer will find many wrong matches and users will be frustrated.

To reduce illiteracy in third world countries with the help of retirees who will gladly "adopt" a pupil (kid or adult) and take care of his/her intellectual needs through computer connection and by using QTSaver.

To change the World: searching for information is based on macro content and with QTSaver I hope that people will start using micro content search which will lead eventually to
One Right Result for each query.
It will enable users, specifically students, to collect data without an effort and to concentrate on thinking, not on collecting.
It will enable dyslectics and visually impaired people to reduce the amount of irrelevant information they have to cross currently until they get the information they need.
It will enable thousands of people who have no computer to connect to the vast fields pf knowledge on the WWW by phone.
It will enable Group Browsing.
It will enable concentrating a whole research on the Web and get the right answers for every new demand for information.
It will help users think about their subject of interest by posing questions about the connection between the main terms that compose the subject.

Actually if search engine frustration and illiteracy will be reduced the world will change. I just hope that it will change for the better because history taught me that every new tool the world gets serves the bad guys better than it serves the good.

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