Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yahoo Questions

Yahoo Answers is a search engine for human answers. There are many questions that are unique for this kind of a search engine, like: "in your words what is…?" From your own experience how to…", "what's your opinion about…". Nevertheless in Yahoo Answers there are many questions that can be answered by regular machine based search engines. Like: What is the largest cell?  What company is Edward Rogers CEO of?   Which state has the longest name ? what are the solution of oil price increase?  what is acoustics as it deals  with ergonomics?  Why do some people have too much iron in blood ?   what does SRA mean?   muscle damages?  what is your definition of Ebonics?

I use QTSaver to answer such questions, but you can use any other search engine. What makes  QTSaver so fit for this job is that you get many answers on one page and can understand right away what's the right one. On other search engines in case you arrived to a wrong result you have to open another link, and in case this one is also wrong  you have to open another link until you get exhausted.

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