Monday, March 13, 2006

Arnaud Leene

Arnaud Leene wrote on his Microcomtent Musings site about My idea to create a public yellow pages directory on Google Base:

I have mixed feelings about this. I stopped adding my personal information on services. By now my profile can be found on many social networking services and all other services I try out. My information is out there and on my personal web-site. I am still waiting for a party that gathers this information and creates something new. I am not waiting for yet another place to put my info.


Thanks, Arnaud. Just to show my gratitude this QTSaver retrieval is dedicated to you:


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On the MicroLearning Conference in Innsbruck, Austria 23-24 June 2005 Arnaud Leene presented the various aspects of what is called MicroContent.He made it clear what MicroContent really is and coined a MicroContent definition.

Technorati tagged more MicroContent and MicroLearning musings of this presentation. Also see Arnaud's blogged musings on MicroContent.

Arnaud Leene (MicroContent Musings), who is also going to be at Microlearning 2005, published a first draft of his paper: "MicroContent is Everywhere" (PDF).I think it is a good point that he mentions how microcontent gets structured through the use of metadata, calling it Structured Microcontent. Very interesting is the lifecycle of microcontent items he describes: creation, storage, publication, viewing, changing and removing.

I've started reading Arnaud Leene's Microcontent Musings.


It was great to meet Sebastian Fiedler and Chris Langreiter again, and I also got to know Michael Schuster (, Roger Fischer (, Seb Paquet, Bryan Alexander, Arnaud Leene, Norm Friesen, Hagen Graf, Andrea Handl, Renate Millebner, Patricia K?ll, Wolf Hilzensauer, Gernot Tscherteu, Junichi Azuma, Bruno Haid and many others. I found both the discussions and presentations on MicroContent and MicroLearning as well as the social networking very rewarding, and hope that we will not stop here but transform and establish this discourse on the web. I will write more about this later, I just need some time to let things settle a bit.

Web 2.0 is based on openly accessable microcontent (for a definition of “microcontent” see here and of course microcontent musings) – it resembles more a field of dynamic content “clouds” than an archive of web “pages” and “documents”. The result is an infrastructure that is open, decentralized, bottom-up and self-organizing.

This thread started as a post on Wondirblogging, languished for a while and resurfaced with Arnaud Leene's Wondir MicroContent post, which I responded to here with Micro-Wondir, and he followed up again with Wondir continued.



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