Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Answering Yahoo Answers Beta with QTSaver

I think some of the questions on Yahoo Answers Beta can be answered on the fly by using QTSaver. Answerers who will use QTSaver will discover that they get a lot of points for giving the best answers. I am going to try to answer as many questions as I can just to test the possibilities of this new system .


For example:



Cyberbob asked:


1. How can i keep myslf frm getting distracted by thoughts while i am studying?


I entered the words: distracted thoughts studying into QTSaver and in one minute copied three relevant links and pasted them for Cyberbob's: The Inner Conscious Student Services - Charles Sturt University Study Tips from Students



Now I'm waiting anxiously to see if I get the desired 10 points for the best answer.




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