Sunday, March 12, 2006

Jaan Orvet

Most of the traffic to my Blog comes from Google. I never paid much attention to MSN, but yesterday I checked the sites that link to QTSaver and discovered a precious piece of information:

Jaan Orvet wrote on Monday, February 27, 2006 in his Blog about QTSaver under the heading "QTsaver - be click happy".


Although Jaan Orvet is not enthusiastic about QTSaver I publish excerpts from his review and  hope to do the same with every next reviewer.


"Today I came across QTsaver thanks to Emily Chang's eHub...

"When you're done removing all the results you don't find useful, click on the Save button. All the results you didn't hide will be saved in an editable format."

For this to be valuable, you have to be incredibly click happy. I stopped counting and unchecking check boxes at 74, the other 40 or so didn't seem worth my time.

Granted, there are a few key words towards the left hand corner of the page that help cut down on the frantic clicking in your next search, but it still isn't an effective way of working. Here are my two suggestions for improving QTSaver based on my first visit:

1) Let users tick the boxes that correspond to content they are interested in instead of unchecking.

2) When a user clicks a word in the "key word" list, let that trigger a refined search. Don't force users to hit "search" again. If you stick with it, move the search field and button to within the key word box.

…I feel that there's potential in the idea, but the current implementation leaves me with quite a few doubts".


Thanks, Jaan, I hope that our next version will implement your suggestions and get better…

Conclusion: Bloggers – check what people say about you on different search engines. You may be surprised.




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jaan said...

I'm looking forward to QTSaver version 2. Let me know when it's up and running!