Friday, March 10, 2006

Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore wrote  the following about QTSaver on Weblist ("a blog featuring concise, opinionated reviews of Web 2.0 companies"):


Search engine built on the Google and Yahoo APIs that allows you to narrow down your searches using related terms and save your result set. It's an extremely early release (the About and Help pages don't even work yet!) and it's too soon to tell how useful it could be. However, the search space is highly competitive and in most cases new search engines fail to attract many users. I suspect QTsaver will suffer the same fate.


Instead of thanking Pete Cashmore for his time and efforts I decided to dedicate to him this Qtsaver retrieval:


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Mashable is written by Pete Cashmore, a Web 2.0 strategy consultant and (if pushed) entrepreneur.

Pete Cashmore - January 25, 2006

Is this a gimmick to generate attention or is it a viable long term strategy to generate user adoption? Pete Cashmore thinks these promotions should make Yahoo (now owner of take notice.

Technorati Tags: Edgeio, Mashable, Web 2.0, Mike Arrington, Pete Cashmore, blogs, blogging few people have a grasp on Web 2.0 as Mike Arrington (of...

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Pete Cashmore on Memetrackers :: Corante Web Hub Pete Cashmore on Memetrackers. Pete has an interesting comparison of several "memetrackers":.

egoSurf - ego surfing without the guilt. egoSurf / history / pete cashmore. surf engine, looking for, searches, original egoPoints, egoPoints now. ·, 7, 1990,

Pete Cashmore, senior writer, Nuts, Nicola Woods 020 7261 6108.

BFBS - Radio 1, The UK Evening Show Pete Cashmore of Nuts Magazine speaks to the show, and Sexpert Emma James throws herself open to your kinky questions.

That guy Pete Cashmore sure has good taste.

I normally am on board with Pete Cashmore but he’s making some brash comments on a couple of his latest posts.

Pete Cashmore writes a thoughtful Web 2.0 blog called Mashable. Its a delicious delight for some groovy analysis.

In a world where information is no longer scarce (and attention is the scarcest resource in the value chain), the repackaging is an important step.” Not to pick on Pete Cashmore here but this statement, which seems to have become an aphorism among netizens these days, is it really true? Is information really no longer scarce?




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