Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dream Search Engine

Yesterday I asked on Yahoo-Answers:

How would a dream-search-engine look like?

For example: one answer instead of zillion results

-Relevant results instead of irrelevant ones etc.


I got eight answers:

Five answerers thought that it would look like Google.

One  thought that it would look like MSN.


Utcursch wrote:


It won't "look" like anything. You just think of what to search for, and the results would be front of you, in the format you want them. That would be the dream-search-engine.

Giveu2tictacs wrote:


design one that learns your search style. Example: If I seach for items like clothing, vases, tables. Then the search engine will learn that I am most likely shopping and put primary result for stores first rather than an article about vases. It could also understand that the user always makes the same typing errors. So I type in vaces instead of vases. The search engine would see the spelling error and bring up results for the word I implied.


I chose the last answer as the Best Answer, but I think that for the time being the question was more impressive than the answers.


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kishor said...

You asked to the people abt 'Dream-Search-Engine'. Now am askin u abt yur 'Dream-Search-Engine'.
What yur DSE wud b like?

zeevveez said...

My Dream-Search-Engine would give users one answer instead of zillion and this answer will be the best of all these results. It is possible since you can measure the relation between length of article and density of keywords.
Thanks for the question.