Sunday, March 19, 2006

MicroContent Local Search

The more words you put into the search engine's query window the less results you get.  Local search reduces search results- it is like adding a name of a place to every query. Actually you can make a local search on any general search engine by adding a name of the place to your original search words – like: Madonna + New York.


But local search engines not only save entering names of places - they collect not only pages that mention the name of the desired place but also pages that belong to the place without mentioning it, like webpages belonging to certain businesses that are situated in the desired place. Local search engines may even identify users' location and retrieve results which are relevant to it.


Search localization is a new phenomenon and it is developed  simultaneously by all the mane players in the search engines arena: Google, Yahoo!/Overture, AOL and MSN, and by others.


Local searches have one big disadvantage – they are MACRO CONTENTS, which means that if the page talks one time about the place you want and 100 times about other places you'll have to ignore the irrelevant paragraphs in order to find the one you love. This can be really exhausting when you want to collect information from several Websites.


I believe QTSaver can be a great  improvement to local search engines, because it collects only the relevant paragraphs. Today QTSaver runs only on the first top results but my dream is that in the future it will run on all the millions of search results and collect all the relevant paragraphs to a separate database. Such a system will have the chance to be called a perfect  local search engine.


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