Thursday, February 16, 2006

Some Amazing Results for Articles from QTSaver Blog

It is very hard to understand how search engines decide to rank their search results...

I don't understand these excellent results - What did I do well?





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Gilad said...

Hi Zeev,

You made excellent hub pages which is perceived as an authorithy source,
Can you post a sample for a ranking which still lasts - I went over the results you've published and can't see your blog on the serps

zeevveez said...

Hi Gilad:
As I mentioned I don't know why they came to these placement and why they went away, but these results are from today:

Google place 6 from 76,500 for quaero project

Google place 22 from 587,000 for exalead

Google place 32 from 19,200,000 for Yahoo Answers

Yahoo place 17 from 200,000,000 for
welcome on board

Hope this leaves the mystery in place - can you explain it?