Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Skype Yellow-Pages

Lately I was preoccupied with tagging. Maybe that's why an idea about making  Skype Yellow-Pages crossed my mind. Eventually I published it on Google Base:


Skype directory doesn't help users find people by profession, so I thought maybe it would be a good idea to make Skype-Yellow-Pages on Google Base, and use the Google-Base-Labels (Aka tags) to organize it.

I entered as labels the following information separated with commas:

Skype, Yellow-Pages, zeevveez, Jerusalem, Israel, Qtsaver  is a search engine I'm developing and it would be nice to hear users' comments on Skype;

Zeevveez is my Skype name;


If you want to join this initiative and let people contact you by profession (or field of interest) you'll have to register to Google Base and remember to put the labels

Skype, Yellow-Pages, exactly as written here, so that it would be retrieved correctly and then you can add the other labels that you want.


You can send me comments through my Blog (


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The first reaction to my initiative to build Skype Yellow-Pages on Google Base was:

I do not quite understand what you are trying to achieve here?

Here's my answer:
1. If this initiative takes off and many people put their Skype Name in the same place (Google Base) it will help them get connected with other people in their field of interest.
2. I almost don't get anything here for myself (except the glory of the inventor) it is just nice being a benefactor of humanity.
3. Isn't it cool to start something like this? - Ebay bought Skype in order to make Yellow Pages (and other things) and here it is free and without advertisements.
4. I believe that people like the social web and this is social web project.


Anonymous said...

Your sought after Skype Yellow Pages is already existing here:

zeevveez said...

I checked it out. It looks great. Thanks.