Sunday, February 12, 2006

Paris Romantic

I searched for the words Paris romantic on QTsearch new Ranking version.

I used Google API as a source. The result that was ranked first on my list was just perfect (see below) answer to my question – it wasn't too narrow or too wide, it wasn't too commercial and it was written nicely.

On Google I got 9,080,000 results and the same excellent result that I found on QTsearch was ranked on Google only on the fifth place. The first was an advertisement for a book on the subject (the information I needed was on the book not on the web page).

The second result was a page full with advertisements and my browser blocked the pop ups. Anyhow the snippet said that it was about romantic dining which is a restricted sub-subject in the answer to my query.

The third result was also commercial recommendations about hotels and dinner cruise.

The forth result was good but less extensive than the fifth since it concentrated on a sub- subject: "best spots to snuggle and smooch with your sweetheart".

This comparison shows clearly how Google (in this case) tends to commercialized ranking which favors advertisers on the account of users.

Google Results:

Around and About Paris - Romantic Paris books by Thirza Vallois
Around and About Paris - Romantic Paris for the real lovers of Paris France. - 26k -
Cached - Similar pages - Remove result - Paris: Romantic dining is a perfect valentine for ...
Paris offers dozens of appealing places for combining romance and food. Remember that
the French devote as much care to gastronomic pursuits as to love ... 2005-01-24-paris-romance_x.htm - 65k -
Cached - Similar pages
- Remove result

Paris Valentine's day Paris romantic hotel and dinner cruise on ...
Paris Valentine's day Paris romantic February 14th hotel and dinner cruise on
the Seine River reservation - booking in Paris : dinner, dinner cruise. - 43k -
Cached - Similar pages
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Paris For Lovers
Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Find out the best spots
to snuggle and smooch with your sweetheart. parisforcouples/a/parisforlovers.htm - 32k - 22 Jan 2006 -
Cached - Similar pages - Remove result

A Romantic Paris Vacation – top sights and things to see in Paris
A Romantic Paris Vacation – The top sights in Paris, tips on getting around,
romantic Paris restaurants, Seine river cruises, markets and other things to ... paris-vacation.html - 29k - Cached - Similar pages - Remove result

 QTsearch first ranked result for Paris romantic

Paris Vacation Tips - Eiffel Tower, Seine River Cruise, Versailles, Romantic Restaurants & More

Romance and Paris they go hand in hand. Paris is a beautiful city, and one visit is never enough. There is a personality, flair and quiet sophistication in Paris and the rest of France that is unlike any other major city in the world. Our page here will only cover the highlights of all the romantic things to do in Paris.  

Best Time to Visit Paris: Although summers are sunny in Paris they can also be very hot. The best time to visit Paris is either in the late spring (May & early June) or in the fall, from September to late October. And winters, although cold and rainy, are a very romantic time to visit Paris !

An absolute must-see sight on your Paris vacation. A stroll down this grand promenade and a visit to the top of the Arc makes an impact on you in a way few other places in the world can.  The history, the view, the atmosphere and just the sense of it all are incredible (it's also one of the most romantic places to vist in Paris too!).  

I would make 2 visits here: come first around 11AM but don't wait in line to go up the tower.  Instead, hop over to a nearby grocer and grab some cheese, bread, fresh fruit and a small bottle of wine, and find a nice spot on the Champ de Mars (huge stretch of lawn that stretches southeast of the tower, and an ideal spot for a romantic Paris picnic lunch!).  

And to add to the romance, take it sometime in the evening.  A great romantic passage through Paris on a glass boat. You'll pass landmarks, monuments, the Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, and centuries old bridges where people just linger and watch you sail by.  Unlike other huge cities, Paris is illuminated at night in a more discreet way, which just adds to the ambience!

Boats depart approximately every 30 minutes.  You can find romantic Paris dinner cruise departures here too.  

We had a great dinner at a small Paris romantic restaurant called Caf? du Marche, on the corner of Rue Cler and rue Champs de Mars. A quiet sidewalk table, the top of the Eiffel Tower peaking in from above, and friendly, hard working waiters!

Paris Vacation - Romantic Accommodation in France Unique and romantic vacation apartment rental aboard luxury Parisian house boat moored at the Eiffel Tower in the heart of Paris, France




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