Monday, February 06, 2006

Secret Alliances

Yesterday I published the following Press release on I-Newswire  .A few minutes later it appeared on Google News, but hours later I couldn't find it on any other search engine - why? are there secret alliances between electronic news papers and search engines that dictate the routes of sindication?
Jerusalem, Israel -  February 4, 2006 – QTSaver Corporation, a leader in Micro-Content internet search solutions,  today announced the launch of QT/Mobile, a Micro-Content search engine for the mobile phone.  QT/Mobile allows each mobile phone user with an access to the internet to perform a search and get the result as pure text displayed on the mobile screen.
Estimates show that around 2 billion people worldwide have a mobile phone. Currently there is a very limited mechanism of internet search on the mobile.  Searching with the standard, well known, search engines returns to the mobile screen a collection of links that are hard to navigate.
QT/Mobile automatically filters all these links and extracts the relevant text only for display on the screen.  Users get a readable text that directly answers their search query.
“Mobile phones are used for more than just talking – there is a variety of content providers that deliver content for the small screen,” said Oni Avital, CEO of QTSaver.. “Unfortunately, general-purpose internet search is still a painful process. QT/Mobile solves this problem.”
QT/Mobile is free of charge.  Please visit to start your mobile web search experience.
For more information, please contact
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