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Goggle's Replacement Is Not Quintura

Yesterday I downloaded Quintura and started playing with it. I believe they have a wonderful innovation in the cool process of refining the search by following associations but I don't like the arrogant link on their homepage  which refers you to an article titled Goggle's Replacement Is Quintura.

Here's why:

  1. As I already posted macro content search engines like Quintura can not compete with Google which is the best in this macro content field.
  2. Quintura has old fashioned snippets same as Google.
  3. Quintura is too slow compared to Google and users are impatient.
  4. The process of refining the query is too complicated for the average user.
  5. Searching by computers has built-in problems that current search engines (including Quintura) can not solve like: homonyms, synonyms, open questions (like research), microcontent duplicates… 

Let's see what others say about Quintura:

    •   Quintura is a new search technology that will be ready for download in October.
    • Quintura also uses dynamic clusterization that builds or changes clusters on the fly depending on user input.
    • Quintura co-founders Yakov Sadchikov and Alexander Ershov have a background in research and development in the area of neural network and artificial intelligence and are inspired by the Pythagoreans’ philosophy of quintessence.
    • Quintura Search is a free software application that operates on top of search engines and web content aggregators.  
    • New search tools always intrigues us here at Pandia. Quintura’s claim is that their software helps a user find the relevant information on the Web easier and faster. In our tests, we did not find Quintura to be especially fast, but it does have a fascinating concept.
    • How it works:
      utilizes natural associative search principles. The idea is that what they call an active semantic net, the technology functions in tune with the human brain.
    • Quintura provides an interface for conventional web search engines. You can choose to search in Google, Google News, Yahoo!, MSN or The search results are displayed on the right hand side of the window.
    • If you are in a hurry, Quintura is perhaps not for you. We already mentioned that the search tool is not particularly fast and the process of refining your search by following the associations does take a little time.
    • Ways to explore the web
      but if you are exploring a topic,
      Quintura might be just what you need. Clicking on the associations and adding or excluding concepts, the map changes. This way you are provided with a visualization of the way your topic relates to other topics and before you know it, you are on a safari of the web guided by the associations provided by Quintura.
    • As the amount of information of the web just keeps increasing, there will no doubt be need for tools like Quintura.
    • The final release of Quintura Search 1.0 is expected by the end of 2005 and the launch of online search services in Q2, 2006.
  1.   The Ten Thousand Year Blog? Quintura Search,
    • Quoted from the Information Today Newsbreak for January 15, 02006, which sourced it from the company: “Quintura, Inc. ( announced the final release of Quintura Search 1.0.The free, downloadable software provides Web search results with a visual map of related tags or a context-based “tag cloud.” Quintura Search tags are contextually related to a keyword, helping to specify the context or the meaning of the keyword and thus help users narrow a search. In addition, using Quintura Search, a user can create and share personalized “search scopes” using tags related to a search query.
    • Quintura Search 1.0 is a client-side application that utilizes a regular search engine to send and retrieve the results of a query. Quintura Search is free and can be downloaded from demo of Quintura Search is available at
    • The company said it is planning to launch online services where anyone (Web user, Web-site owner, Blog owner, community, or Web-site publisher) can create, personalize, and share his or her own search scopes. Quintura is privately held and backed by its founders and private technology investors.

  Quintura :

 Quintura owns the next-generation search technology that helps a web user to dynamically manage the context of a search query in order to search for relevant information on the Web easier and faster.


  Search Engine Journal ? Quintura Search & Blog Comment Marketing ... :

Basically, Quintura helps the beginning or average user build an enhanced and expert search query to find what they are looking for.

Quintura seems to have quite a strong and innovative search application.

Press and Quintura Search Upon releasing their Quintura Search 1.0 beta, Quintura started a press release and public relations campaign which has built up web coverage of their search application. If you perform a search on Google News for Quintura, you’ll see that their release was sent out over various distribution channels including I-Newswire and EContent. Additionally, sites such as CRM Today, IRISHDev, and TechSpot picked up the news and published stories on Quintura. The Pandia search Blog and the Small Business Branding Blog even picked up on the Quintura story - a great start to a search Blog PR campaign.

On Search Engine Journal and numerous other search industry blogs, annoying and irrelevant comments have been appearing with links to Quintura.


  Quintura Search Review - Quintura Search Download :   

I’ve heard of the Google, Yahoo and MSN search agents, I’ve even heard of IMDB’s, Ask Jeeves and a few other search engines, but I’ve never heard of Quintura.It’s like an active brainstorming session combined with a search thesaurus plus a reverse dictionary and sprinkled on top is a bit of genius combined into one. This is by far one of the cooler search engines that has hit the market and I’m a huge fan.

The search itself is also active in its own way. While you hover over a potential word you might select, Quintura associates and highlights other words that are related to the one you hover over while changing the search results on the right to show you the articles it could come up with were you to select that word. The other words it selects are layered and created over the first layer of words you had previously entered. Although it sounds technical and difficult, this is one of the cleanest interfaces I’ve seen for a program that’s as interesting, originally diverse, and practical as Quintura. You can search any of the searches that you’ve previously created and go back and alter them to your liking. When you do open a Web site, it will open with your default Web browser.

Just like in Firefox where you have the ability to add plug-ins/add-on search engines like Wikipedia, Merriam-Webster, Odeo, Food Network Recipes, WebMD and many more. The Good I think that Quintura is awesome. But hey, that’s just my opinion. It has logical progressive steps that most users will appreciate.

The Bad I just wish it provided more search engines (but there are add-ons that will give you more than you start with). The Truth Quintura will, I repeat, will become something most people will have on their computers by the end of 2006 (or should be if they already don’t).There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be installed and used on a global scale. If it expands itself to include more languages, Quintura will take the world by storm. 


Quintura(TM) Announces The Next Generation Web Search Software ! :

The Quintura technology is based on over a decade of the founders' innovative research and development in the area of neural network and artificial intelligence. This work includes several patent pending technologies for a context-based visual search using neural network.

It is becoming incredibly difficult to find correct non-commercial information. Quintura Search helps a user go beyond keyword search provided by major search engines and actually find information on the web that is normally hidden to users of those engines," said Yakov Sadchikov, co-Founder, President & CEO of Quintura.

"With an upcoming release of our software, we will make the next major change in the Web age since the launch of Google. Our software will allow the user to manage the context of search results rather than to go from one ranked search link to another," said Alexander Ershov, co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Quintura.

"The amount of information on the web is growing exponentially and it is getting harder and more time consuming to find the right information," said Ratmir Timashev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Quintura and former President/Co-Founder of Aelita Software, the leading provider of systems and infrastructure management solutions for enterprise Windows environments." It is very exciting to see how Quintura's breakthrough technology is solving the biggest problem of web search by adding "meaning" to keywords and visualizing search."


    FileForum | Quintura Search :  

Tornado Insider - Press Release - Quintura Published on: 10/30/2005 Last Visited: 10/30/2005

Quintura (, the next generation web search company, today announced completion of an equity financing led by the technology entrepreneur Ratmir Timashev, President of AMUST Software and former President/Co-Founder of Aelita Software.

As a result of the transaction, Mr. Timashev has become Chairman of the Board of Directors of Quintura. ...'We have been very impressed with the Quintura technology and made a strategic decision to support the market introduction of Quintura Search,' said Ratmir Timashev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Quintura.'We share the founders' vision and believe that Quintura is well positioned to become the leader in the web search marketplace.'

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