Thursday, July 28, 2005

reducing illiteracy

I read on that on 07.06.2002 in the Africa Economic Summit 2002 Catherine Odora Hoppers, Professor of Education, Pretoria University, South Africa, observed that innovation and intellectual property are at the heart of the challenges the African continent is now facing. Massive increments in knowledge production have widened the disparity between developed and developing nations. Intellectual property and its generation can no longer be seen as a discrete domain, but one that is central to the attack on poverty and its related discontents.

So I found Catherine Odora Hoppers' E-mail and sent her this letter:

Dear Catherine,

Two years ago I retired and lately I joined a forum for "retirees & computers".
I think that there will be many retirees who will gladly "adopt" a pupil (kid or adult) and take care of his/her intellectual needs through computer connection. There are thousands of forums for "retirees & computers" around the world and if we can tell them about the needs and the opportunities some of them might join this new initiative.

What do you think?

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