Tuesday, July 26, 2005

banana that has an apple flavor

An old friend wrote to me:

It looks like someone else is thinking along the lines that you were. I was
looking for a type of banana that has an apple flavor and somehow came upon
company called "find articles".

and here is my answer:

I checked it out and it doesn't seem to be similar at all:

Results for "banana apple flavor" in
Bananas split: the banana might soon become an endangered species and slip away - Life - according to scientists from International Network for the Improvement
Do you like banana cream pie? How about banana bread or banana split sundaes? Better enjoy them while you can! Scientists from the International Network ...

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The new apple abundance: has flavor returned to the
Apples arrive in a big way in autumn. This month, with the apple
harvest in full swing, market bins tumble forth their greatest bounty of the
year. The number of choices may astound you. In respons

10/1/90 · 1 page · More from publication
The variegate show - R&D
Applications - Degussa Fruit and Flavor Systems - Brief Article
The variegate
show. (R&D Applications).(Degussa Fruit and Flavor Systems)

Prepared Foods, 7/1/03 by Fran LaBell · 1 page · More from
Jones-Hamilton Co.: pHase-acid sensory enhancement—creating
opportunities for flavor.
Products: pHase[R]--Sodium Acid Sulfate (Acidulant)
* Description: Low pH is necessary for preservation and stability in acidified
foods and beverages, ...

Prepared Foods, 9/1/04 · 1 page · More
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Exotic fruit; tired of the apple-a-day routine? An
overlooked crop of health-promoting fantastic fruit awaits your discovery -
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Packed with vitamins, antioxidant and other
nutrients, fruits are a great way to promote health without sacrificing taste.
But there are only so many ...

Men's Fitness, 5/1/02 · 1 page ·
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McCormick Flavor - Ingredients, R&D - Brief
McCormick Flavor now offers six certified organic flavors: Apple,
banana, blueberry, peach, raspberry and strawberry. These flavors can be used in
organic ...

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Pouring on flavor in beverages: beverage creation involves balancing the
effects of sweeteners, acidifiers and other ingredients to maximize flavor
Beverage formulation would be a cinch if all it took was adding a few
drops of flavor to water and then adding a little sweetness. But with processing

Prepared Foods, 10/1/02 by Laura A. Brandt · 1 page · More from

While in my QTSaver I got:
It is not produced commercially on large scale but it is usually grown in backyards
for family consumption. Its sub-acid flavor is reminiscent of a cross between an
apple and a very sweet banana, which make a pleasing combination. It must be
allowed to ripen fully before eating.
The plant grows 12 to 14 feet tall and
is mostly green colored with just a light margin of red around the leaf. See our
Yahoo Store for Great prices on Banana Plants and Banana Trees. Ice Cream Banana
trees have a hint of Vanilla taste in its bananas, Dwarf Red Banana trees that
have a hint of Peach, the Apple Banana tree has a taste of a Sweet Apple, Rose
Banana trees have a Lemony flavor. We have all the banana fruit flavors, grow
them inside or outside.
Apple banana tree - banana plant Dessert type banana
tree, pleasant apple flavor when fully ripe. Fruit: 4 to 6 inches.

I hope now you'll appreciate QTSaver even more…

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