Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Air pollution in the haifa bay area in Israel

Today I searched in QTSaver for the keywords AIR POLLUTION HAIFA BAY
I Refined the search after following the Leads and added the word QUALITY to the search, and
refined it again after following the new Leads and added the word PROBLEMS to the search.

I entered each site and copied the HITS to a MS WORD document.
It took me 40 minutes.
Then I spent more 20 minutes on counting the words (2000), Highlighting Key words,
and building the content.

natural gas 1
Israel Electric Corporation 1
schoolchildren 3
M. Shechter 3
main sources of air pollution 4
vehicular traffic 4
sulfur dioxide emissions 4
power plant and oil refineries 4
health damages 5
Technion 5
water pollution 5

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