Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Questions I frequently ask myself

- Who really needs QTSaver?
- School pupils and retirees.
- Where in the world would QTSaver help the most?
- In Africa. QTSaver can help to reduce illiteracy in Africa.
- Who is currently working on this problem?
- The U.N.

So I entered the following keywords in QTSaver
illiteracy Africa united nations

The global launch of the United Nations Literacy Decade took place in New York
in February 2003. The aim of the Decade is to give new impetus to efforts
worldwide to reduce persistently high rates of illiteracy. According to UNESCO
statistics, some 861 million people, or 20 percent of the world’s adults, cannot
read or write or participate fully in the organization and activities of their

Seventy percent of illiterate adults in the world live in Sub-Saharan Africa, Southern and Western Asia, Arab countries and North

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