Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Using Yahoo Answers for a Survey

I just wrote about The Hypocrisy of the Web . In order to check what others think about this issue I posted the following question to Yahoo Answers: is adding fresh content to your site hypocrisy?
In a few minutes I got very interesting answers:

1. Here's the answer that johnwaynenoblepi gave:
Yes and No. Some users are actually getting paid for the traffic that goes to there website as a promotion for some other product. That is thier livelyhood. On the other hand thier are mischiefious individuals out thier with no education that have nothing better to do than to use someone elses program to entice website visitors into clicking on something in their website that has destructive consequences. What comes around, goes around.
A+ Certified Professional

2. Here's the answer that serf gave:
Why would it be hypocricy? That doesn't make any sense.

3. Here's the answer that Mmmdlite gave:
People have a right to post whatever ever they want on their personal space. It's not hypocracy to try to generate traffic. This is the same reason why corporations have TV commercials...it's not hypocrytical, it's a way to gain business.

And let's take a look at the definition of hypocrisy:

1. The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.
2. An act or instance of such falseness.

Unless what they are posting goes against what they believe, how could it be hypocricy?

4. Here's the answer that hazel_nut333 gave:
Hypocrisy is if a person advocates Anti-New Contents and went about and add new contents to their site. That's the definition of hypocrisy.

You, for some reason, think people should only add contents to their sites if and only if it for the sole purpose of sharing knowledge.

What a closed minded and idiotiotic way to portray the Internet. IT'S THE FREAKING INTERNET!!!

5. Here's the answer that Jane Furrows gave:
Hypocrisy isn't the right word. As long as they have permission to use those articles, it's okay, especially if they have other articles there that people would be interested in and would help people find what they are looking for. The sites that annoy me are those that just mirror Wikipedia content but with tons of ads all over the place. I always make sure to go straight to the source for those.

I want to thank each of these kind answerers.
I think using Yahoo Answers for such a survey is fun and a very good way to learn something new.
BTW – This is a nice and easy way to add fresh content to your site.

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