Tuesday, January 24, 2006


QTsearch has some features that are different from other current search engines. Some of these features can be utilized by these other search engines in order to help users navigate and find what they need.

1. Micro contents - current search engines supply macro contents which give users more than they can chew, while QTsearch produces relevant micro contents.
2. One results page – QTsearch provides the results themselves on one page instead of providing links to the results and snippets to describe them.
3. Few manageable results – and not daunting numbers like 100000 results and more.
4. No advertisements.
5. Meta search – QTsearch extracts chunks from multiple sources so that users can get answers even if one of the sources doesn't have it.
6. Snippets - Current search engines have old fashioned snippets that confuse users and let them guess what's in the link. QTsearch can make clear transparent snippets (from their first results pages) that help users navigate.
7. Suggestions - Some current search engines don't have suggestions to refine queries while QTsearch users can add the suggestions to their new queries in order to refine them.
8. Best answers - QTsearch algorithm can be implemented on any current search engine and give users the best answers from the first results-pages that are retrieved.
9. Accessibility - current search engines have severe accessibility problems while QTsearch can manipulate their results so that those who have difficulties in reading will hear the information with Opera browser.
10. Mobile - QTsearch can make current search engine results fit to Mobile devices.
11. Sorting – QTsearch lets users process the results on-line so that they can filter manually all the superfluous information and get the cleanest possible answers.

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