Friday, January 20, 2006

Search Engine Spider Identification

On my Site Meter I get mysterious numbers like 64. 233. 173. 85 or like 193. 47. 80.
Theoretically I knew that spiders visit my Blog but I never knew how to trace them. Today I saw an excellent guide by John A Fotheringham with a list of Spider Identifications. I tried to search there for and other such numbers and got no match. Suddenly I had this bright idea to Google "" and voila – I got it on Search Engine Spider Identification And it’s the Google Spider!

Then I saw on my Site Meter that the spiders' name (Google) is on the ISP field.
So I got some confidence and tried to trace the 193.47.80 spider and voila – on the ISP field I saw that it's Exalead, about which I just posted

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