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Flickr How To

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Another demonstration of the power of this micro content search engine to grab relevant info from multiple sources and present it on one page


*.Did you know the most popular camera on Flickr was the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT.

* Steganography with Flickr - See how steganographied images can be shared with Flickr friends to pass on documents or other files.

· Check out my How to: Flikr Intro

* Someone told me there is a program that lets you see who has linked to one of your Flickr shots. I didn’t see it in your cool and extensive list but I may not understand all the terms or how such a program would be described.


· Posted by Kent Sandvik on 29 Aug 2006

· Photos Below is my collection of Flickr photos for August. I used a technique described here how to embed the actual slideshow in a blog entry. The other trick was to tag all the August entries with 2006 as a tag.

* Kuddos to this guy for his easy instructions on how to put a Flickr slide show based on tags into your Blog. [...]

* For a while now I have longingly watched Darcy Norman include Flickr sets in his blog posts. My urge to finally scratch this itch was further prompted by the fact that I recently bucked-up and became a proud Flickr Pro account holder. So last night I was thinking, “Hey, maybe I could find a quick tool for WordPress to make this happen and be as cool as them Canadians.” What I discovered in the meantime might just make me twice as cool. Paul Stamitiou had time for a quickie tutorial on how to include a slideshow of images from Flickr in a blog post or page. This code allows you to includes image by tag, sets, date, etc. - it is very vesatile, and above all I think it works with just about any blogging system or html encoded page. I would also like to say the Paul Stamitou is my new found guru of online tutorials, his K2 series is to die for. His cool, calm and collected tone makes me wanna rethink my mad ravings all together.


* Flickr is a photo sharing website. Post2Blog is capable of automated and semi-automated uploading of images to Flickr. This tutorial will demonstrate you how to use Post2Blog to upload images and photos for your blog into Flickr.


* How to insert Technorati, Flickr and other tags into post in Post2Blog editor


* Blogger Paul Stamatiou details how to embed the default Flickr slideshows on your own web page or blog.


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Search for Tag Within Most Recent and Most Interesting URL Hack:

View and save original photos on Flickr.

Flickr Hack: How to Allow Users to Search Your Flickr Account from Any Web Page


* Guide Note: This page tells you how to set up an account with Flickr, and how to get the most out of your account once it's up and running. Soon you'll know how to use Flickr: basics and beyond.


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* How to Pay For Your Flickr Prints By: eHow Internet Editor

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* How to Get the Most from Flickr By: Virginia DeBolt

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  1. Silver Havdalah Spice Tower
    • William Cohen, a founding member of the Jewish farming colony in Alliance, New Jersey, received this silver havdalah spice tower as a birthday present in 1935.His daughter, Elizabeth Colen, who donated the spice tower to the Museum, recalls that as a young girl she regularly assisted her father with the family's havdalah ceremony. At the conclusion of the Saturday evening meal, Elizabeth held the blazing havdalah candle as her father used wine and spices to mark the end of the Sabbath and the resumption of weekday activities.
    • Roma Havdalah Tower…Two pieces built like a tower, holds spices as well as having a candle holder.
  3. JHOM - Havdalah - Salvation
    • The use of sweet-smelling herbs and spices for the Havdalah ceremony roused the creative instincts of artisans and they fashioned spice boxes in widely varied designs and shapes in gold, silver, brass, glass and wood. In Ashkenazi circles, the spice box took many forms, from flowers to miniature trains. Most popular, however, from around the sixteenth century, was the tower form, which was stylistically influenced by local architecture. Rabbi Shubert Spero takes a closer look at the symbolism of the tower spice box.
    • The architectural form of the spice tower with its domes and turrets, belfries and flags, represented to the medieval Jew both a military fortress with its suggestions of strength and security, as well as a magnificent religious edifice built by men to honor their deity.
    • Supportive of this basic symbolism is the association of the tower with the architectural elements of the Holy Temple. Salvation, messiah, restoration of the Temple …The spices, seen as incense, likewise evoked memories of the Temple service.
    • Yehudah crafts each of these items by hand from pure Sterling Silver. The spice tower is traditionally used as part of the Havdalah ceremony at the end of Shabbat.The small door opens to allow you to put cinnamon sticks, cloves and other spices inside.

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* The Sabbath oil lamp dedicated in 1763 to the synagogue of the small German town of Pfersee was made by a Christian silversmith from nearby Augsburg. This type of lamp, known in German as a Judenstern ("Jewish Star"), has oil fonts which are in fact arranged in the form of a star. All the parts - the star, the oil drip pan below, and the hanging device above - are repousse. The hanging device consists of spherical knobs, with chased twisted scrolls and with cast child-like images (putti) seated on railings.

* Each putto holds swags of flowers and leaves in its hands. The lamp's components are designed in such a way that the flames are reflected from the gleaming surface and multiplied. The Judenstern lamps were cast in brass over a period of hundreds of years, most often in Germany. They would typically include a long hook in the shape of a serrated knife.


* Menachos, 28b. 2 Bamidbar 8:2. 3 According to this view, the Menora appeared similar to the Judenstern, (literally, "star of the Jews") a circular lamp in the shape of star, which typically had six or seven lamps. Centuries ago, Jews had the custom to suspend a Judenstern from the ceiling, and light it for Shabbos. Hundreds of these lamps still exist in museums, and in Judaica collections around the world.


* The lamp is typical of German Shabbat lamps, which evolved from an old type of star-shaped domestic oil lamp used in medieval Europe by both Jews and non-Jews. In Jewish homes, the lamp was lit at the start of Shabbat to provide light over the holiday. The lamp developed into a ritual object when this purpose became obsolete. Around the sixteenth century, this form of lamp became known by its German name Judenstern, or Jewish Star.


Rare Antique Sabath Candlesticks, Candelabra, and Candleholders

* Rare Antique Germany Hanging Sabbath Lamp "Judenstern" 6 pointed brass star with florets - complete with ratchet hanger, drip pan and oil runners. $3000.00 SOLD

Art and Material Culture of Judaism—Medieval through Modern Times ...

* Seder scenes in both Ashkenazic and Sephardic haggadot commonly show a star-shaped hanging lamp above the festive table. The form was in general use in medieval Europe, but was eventually superseded by other forms of lighting. Among Jews, however, the lamp became a traditional type so that, by the sixteenth century, it became known among German goldsmiths as a Judenstern. The star-shaped hanging lamp was utilized by central- and east-European Jews for Sabbaths and holy days into the twentieth century. One medieval survivor of Jewish ownership was found in Deutz. Made of bronze, its faceted form indicates a date in the first half of the fourteenth century.

* Because Judaism is a home-centered religion as well as one focused on the synagogue, many significant ceremonial objects were created for domestic use. There are, first of all, those known from the Middle Ages, like the Judenstern, whose kindling marked the onset of the Sabbath. The star-shaped lamp remained traditional for Sabbaths and holy days in Germany and eastern Europe, although many used candlesticks and candelabra after wax candles came into widespread use.


* The ner tamid, (eternal light) originally came from 19th century Germany. In Germany, this type of lamp was called a judenstern, or Jewish star, because it cast a star-shaped shadow. A Jewish family would lower the lamp on Friday night and use it as the Sabbath light. Originally an oil lamp, it was later electrified and first brought to Temple Israel in the 1950s.

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Some of our members have demanded even more, and so we have introduced a number of optional upgrades to enhance the service available for such users.

StatCounter offers lifetime summary stats covering all your pageloads for free. However in addition we also offer the most detailed analysis available anywhere for a smaller number of your latest pageloads. Your log-size determines how many pageloads are covered by this vastly more detailed analysis.


StatCounter is dedicated to the privacy of its members.

Attention: We have a zero-tolerance policy on spam! Using StatCounter to track spam will result in the deletion of your account, and possible further action.


In 1999, at the age of 16, Cullen launched Dublin-based StatCounter, an online service that lets clients measure the number of hits they get on their Web sites, plus the geographical location of visitors, the pages people view, and the keywords they use to find a site.

Latching onto such a hot growth market may have been what gave Cullen the edge among voters in our second annual contest to identify the most promising young entrepreneurs in Europe. Out of a field of 16 companies run by 19 Europeans age 25 or younger, StatCounter rose to the top.

Still, Cullen's company stood out for its strong growth. StatCounter currently has more than 1.5 million users and tracks more than 9 billion page views per month across its network of 2.2 million Web sites. Cullen won't discuss revenues for the privately held company, but says he's signing up 1,500 new members per day.

That helps explains why Alexa Internet Web Search (AMZN), which ranks sites by traffic, currently lists StatCounter as the 34th-most-visited site in the U.S.

StatCounter doesn't really compete with Omniture or other players such as WebTrends that target multinationals and big corporations. Rather, it's going after small and midsize firms that don't need highly sophisticated analytical tools—and can't afford to spend $10,000 and up to buy them.


Welcome to the StatCounter User Forum.

Is StatCounter not providing a feature or statistic that you want?

Don't understand something about StatCounter? Need help installing your counter?


This module provides an integration between Drupal and StatCounter web statistics. The module allows user to insert their StatCounter tracking code and select the scope of pages they wish to display it on.


StatCounter Privacy Policy

StatCounter. com respects the privacy and rights of its visitors. No effort is made to identify individuals without their knowledge.

When a visitor requests pages from the site, our Web servers automatically log the browser's domain name, and IP address. This information is collected solely for statistical purposes and is not used to identify individuals.

To enable to track your unique visitors we send a cookie to your visitors' computer. This information is collected solely to improve the service we offer to you and statistical purposes and is not used to identify individuals.

StatCounter. com maintains a strict "no-spam" policy. Your e-mail address will not be sold to a third party.

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    • 1. Google-Optimization-Help/ Google-Sandbox-Frequently-Asked-Questions/
    • Does everyone agree that there is a Google Sandbox?
    • How do I know it’s the Sandbox and not a Google penalty?
    • The Google Sandbox is an alleged filter placed on new websites. The result is that a site does not receive good rankings for its most important keywords and keyword phrases. Even with good content, abundant incoming links and strong Google PageRank, a site is still adversely affected by the Sandbox effect. The Sandbox acts as a de facto probation for sites, possibly to discourage spam sites from rising quickly, getting banned, and repeating the process.
  1. http://www. webpronews. com/insiderreports/2004/05/06/ Google-sandbox-effect-revealed Google "SandBox Effect" Revealed | WebProNews
    • I reported recently on a Google ranking phenomenon in which newly listed sites rank well for two to three weeks and then drop completely out of the top 1000. Often these newly dropped sites have high page rank and don't show for even the least competitive of terms.
    • I too have been reading the WMW threads and a couple have people have recently commented that after 3 months their sites have started to rank. "
    • Google search from the inception of a site, through indexing of the first pages, through the Google sandbox, and out the other side. No black hat SEO was used, and the sandbox effect lasted about 1 month.
  2. http://www. searchengineguide. com/david-wallace/how-to-play-in- Googles-sandbox. php How To Play In Google's Sandbox - Search Engine Guide Blog
    • Search Engine Guide David Wallace How To Play In Google's Sandbox
    • The so-called "sandbox" theory suggests that new sites will be added to the Google index and may even show up for obscure searches such as the company/web site name but will not show well for other phrases that are relevant to the site. It doesn't matter if the site is optimized for the search engines either. In fact, those who have optimized their sites can drive themselves crazy making change after change but to no positive avail.
    • So if a site is sent to the sandbox by Google either because it is new or it is participating in mass link building, what is the time frame that must pass before the site is allowed out of the box? Most search engine marketers that have been discussing and analyzing this say about 6-8 months. As for myself, I don't actually believe that Google is sending new sites to a "sandbox" but rather they may be applying some sort of aging filter.
  3. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Sandbox_Effect Sandbox Effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    • The Sandbox Effect is a theory used to explain certain behaviors observed with the Google search engine. It appears this effect does not affect new pages unless the domain is in the sandbox.
    • Those who believe in the "sandbox effect" (such as Searchguild. com) consider it a "policies" based approach by Google, whereas some mathematicians believe it is simply an algorithmic effect.
    • Since Google is the dominant search engine on the Internet, this "sandbox effect" has distressed webmasters [who?] who see their websites included in Yahoo! and MSN in a short period of time, but not in Google despite following Google's own guidelines. [citation needed]
    • Google's sandbox appeared to be put in place in March 2004. [citation needed]
  4. http://www. webpronews. com/topnews/2004/08/26/what-is-the- Google-sandbox-effect What is The Google Sandbox Effect? | WebProNews
    • So it's taken me three years but I've finally cracked the sandbox. From the first time that the Google spiders visit your website it's exactly 75 days later that the site goes into the sandbox.
    • My site is stilll in Google sandbox. It has been six months since it was pur into sandbox. I saw a poll investigation on the net. It will take about 3-9 months for competitive keyword to walk out Google sandbox affection. No any visitor from Google to my site. homepage is in 950 position penalty.
    • I bought my domain all of four months ago, and still nothing on Google. I've read elsewhere on a SEO website that it can take at least six months to get through the 'sandbox' now, even up to 12 months.
  5. http://www. webconfs. com/ Google-sandbox-article-11. php Jumping Over the Google Sandbox
    • Although there is no direct confirmation of the existence of a sandbox, Google employees have implied it and SEO experts have seen in practice that new sites, no matter how well optimized, don't rank high on Google, while on MSN and Yahoo they catch quickly. For Google, the jailing in the sandbox for new sites with new domains is on average 6 months, although it can vary from less than a month to over 8 months.
    • Before we delve into more detail about particular techniques to minimize sandbox damage, it is necessary to clarify the general rule: you cannot fight the sandbox. The only thing you can do is to adapt to it and patiently wait for time to pass. Any attempts to fool Google - starting from writing melodramatic letters to Google, to using sandbox tools” to bypass the filter - can only make your situation worse.
    • Host on a well established host - another solution is to host your new site on a subdomain of a well-established host (however, free hosts are generally not a good idea in terms of SEO ranking). The sandbox effect is not so severe for new subdomains (unless the domain itself is blacklisted).
    • Rely more on non- Google ways to increase traffic - it is often reminded that Google is not the only search engine or marketing tool out there.
  6. http://www. seroundtable. com/archives/001963. html Google Sandbox Defined
    • I find it to be a real shame about the confusion around the Web as to what the term "sandbox" means. Google, of course, would not admit to it and I do not blame them. But there are so many different definitions of what defines a site to be sandboxed.
    • I believe we, at the Search Engine Roundtable, was the first information site (outside of a forum) to publicly acknowledge the existence of some form of issue with Google and new sites. The first post we had was named New Sites = Poor Results in Google, that was before it had a name. In a WebmasterWorld thread linked to from the "New Sites = Poor Results in Google" entry, the term "sandbox" came about. Later on, guest author SEO Guy posted an entry here using that title The Sandbox Effect, which helped make its name. Then Garrett French, who was writing at WebProNews wrote an excellent, early recap of all the coverage and named it Google "SandBox Effect" Revealed. Since then the word sandbox has been discussed here dozens of times.

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OTsaver Daily Search Resaults For: Cashew Nut
Cashew - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The true fruit of the cashew tree is a kidney or boxing-glove shaped drupe that grows at the end of the pseudofruit. Actually, the drupe develops first on the tree, and then the peduncle expands into the pseudofruit. Within the true fruit is a single seed, the cashew nut. Although a nut in the culinary sense, in the botanical sense the fruit of the cashew is a seed. The seed is surrounded by a double shell containing a dermatogenic phenolic resin, urushiol, a potent skin irritant toxin also found in the related poison ivy. Some people are allergic to cashew nuts, but cashews are a less frequent allergen than nuts or peanuts.
raw cashew nuts - are they really raw? (cashew apple tree(

Cashew nuts are one of my favorite nuts on this planet. Unfortunetly, most cashew nuts labeled "raw cashew nuts" are not truly "raw". They have been heat processed in order to remove the delicious nut from the toxic shell.

I have often thought of the very same questions. Most companies label it "raw" because to them, the nut has "not" been processed, ie: roasted. Although in the process of removing the actual shell, the nut has been very processed...usually steamed and boiled in oil! So until recently I have pretty much avoided purchasing raw cashew nuts. I have been enjoying in-shell macadamia nuts, which are my all time favorite nut. When purchasing mac nuts, its important to purchase them in the shell. Once the nut has been out of the shell, many go rancid.

This article will explain more about the cashew nut, and cashew apple, the fruit of the nut, as well as its origin, and nutrient value.

Cashew trees produce both a fruit ("apple") and a nut, and a valuable oil can be drawn from the nut shell. After the cashew flower blooms, a nut forms. The apple later swells between the nut shell and the stem. It takes two months for the cashew apple to ripen. When harvested, the apple can only keep for twenty-four hours before it begins to ferment. Although the fruit can be used for making many typical fruit products (jellies, jams, juice, wine and liquor), the apple is often discarded, in pursuit of the nut. If processed and stored properly, the cashew nut can be kept for a year or longer. Technically, the actual nut is the thick-shelled seed. The outer shell (coat) of the seed contains the poison oak allergen urushiol, and may cause dermatitis in hypersensitive people.

There is a toxic resin inside the shell layer. If the shell is not opened properly, the resin will get on the cashew nut, making it inedible. Most companies steam the shell open at a high temperature, thus cooking the cashew nut inside. A certain nut producer in Indonesia uses a special technique with specially-designed tools (without using any heat at all) to open the shell cleanly every time without ever exposing the cashew nut to the resin. The raw cashews are much sweeter, tastier, and nutritious than their cooked counterparts.
The cashew tree, native to Brazil, was introduced to Mozambique and then India in the sixteenth century by the Portuguese, as a means of controlling coastal erosion. It was spread within these countries with the aid of elephants that ate the bright cashew fruit along with the attached nut. The nut was too hard to digest and was later expelled with the droppings. It was not until the nineteenth century that plantations were developed and the tree then spread to a number of other countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

This allowed them to benefit from the sale of both processed nuts and the extracted cashew nut shell liquid.

Cashew is known by many names. In Mozambique, the Maconde tribe refer to it as the "Devil's Nut". It is offered at wedding ceremonies as a token of fertility and is considered by many to have aphrodisiac properties.

Cashew kernels are ranked as either the second or third most expensive nut traded in the United States. Macadamia nuts are priced higher and pecan nuts can be more costly, if the harvest is poor. Cashew nuts have a well established market in the United States with a great variety of uses. Retail prices range from about US$4 to 11 per pound (US$9 to 23 per kg) depending on the size of nut and the packaging.

Three main cashew products are traded on the international market: raw nuts, cashew kernels and cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL).A fourth product, the cashew apple is generally processed and consumed locally.

The raw cashew nut is the main commercial product of the cashew tree, though yields of the cashew apple are eight to ten times the weight of the raw nuts.Raw nuts are either exported or processed prior to export. Processing of the raw nuts releases the by-product CNSL that has industrial and medicinal applications.

The skin of the nut is high in tannins and can be recovered and used in the tanning of hides. The fruit of the cashew tree that surrounds the kernel can be made into a juice with a high vitamin C content and fermented to give a high proof spirit.
Kitchen Dictionary: cashew nut

about "cashew nut" or what to substitute for it.

The cashew nut grows at the bottom of an edible, pear-like fruit (cashew apple).Cashew nuts have a sweet, buttery flavor. You never see cashews for sale in the shell because between the outer and inner shells covering the nut is an extremely caustic oil. The outer shell must be roasted or burned off with the oil. The kernels are then boiled or roasted again, and a second shell is removed.
The Nut Factory : Kitchen : Interesting Facts : Cashews

The delightful cashew nut is loved by everybody. Cashews are a product loved by the wealthy nations and provided for by the poor nations. It is closely related to the Mango and Pistachio plants.

The first western people sighting the cashew tree was by the Portuguese. They invaded Brazil in the 1500's. Portuguese seamen brought the seeds of the cashew nut tree from Brazil to be planted by the early settlers along the east coast of Africa. The trees took root and thrived. It was not long before cashew trees were growing wild along the entire coast of Mozambique. They spread to Kenya and Tanzania.

The gray/brown cashew nut hangs like a nose at the end of the cashew apple. The nut shell is 1-1/2 inches long and kidney shaped. The nut is found on the end closest to the cashew apple. The other end is honeycombed with cells. These cells contain a toxic resinous fluid called cardol that blisters the mouth.

For many years, the cashew was referred to as the blister nut.

Inside the hard shell is a slightly curved white cashew kernel which is about 7/8 inches long and is wrapped in a thin brown skin called a testa which is removed during the processing. The cashew nut, therefore, has two shells - the hard exterior shell and the testa.

There are two ways to remove the cashew shell, the inside fluid and the thin brown skin. Washing the raw nut in a water bath and storing it in moist heaps or silos for 12 hours makes the shells brittle as long as they maintain 7% to 10% humidity. The shell will rupture and liberate cardol fluid.

At The Nut Factory, we roast the cashew kernel at 325 degrees Fahrenheit in hot roasting oil for between 5 and 12 minutes. This softens the kernel and gives it a buttery taste. No two batches of cashews roast the same, so it requires skill and careful watching of the exact moment when the nut starts to turn an ivory color. Only by roasting in small batches can we get the perfect roast on each nut. - A Modern Herbal Cashew Nut

Cashew Nut (Anacardium occidentale)

Other Species--- The Oriental Anacardium or Cashew Nut (Semecarpus anacardium), a native of India, has similar qualities to the West Indian Cashew, and is said to contain an alkaloid called Chuchunine.

This is the Ammonium compound of beta and delta resinous acids of A. occidentale (Cashew Nut), and is used as a hair-dye, but cannot be used with acids, acid salts, or acetate of lead.
Cashew, Cashew Nut, Cashew Tree, Grow Cashew, Cashew Recipe

Since Cashews are found only in the tropics, many people in the US, Europe, and Middle East have never seen a Cashew Tree, a Cashew Nut still in its shell, or a Cashew Apple. Learn about the taxonomy and history of the Cashew Tree, how to grow Cashew trees, how to roast cashew nuts, uses of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL), and how to make traditional Cashew Wine and Cashew Butter.

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OTsaver Daily Search Resaults For: The Chinese dragon boat festival
The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is a significant holiday celebrated in China, and the one with the longest history. The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated by boat races in the shape of dragons. Competing teams row their boats forward to a drumbeat racing to reach the finish end first.

The boat races during the Dragon Boat Festival are traditional customs to attempts to rescue the patriotic poet Chu Yuan. Chu Yuan drowned on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in 277 B.C. Chinese citizens now throw bamboo leaves filled with cooked rice into the water. Therefore the fish could eat the rice rather than the hero poet. This later on turned into the custom of eating tzungtzu and rice dumplings.
Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Chinese New Year, the Mid-Fall Moon Festival and the Dragon Boat Day are three major festivals in China. The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. Chinese call this day as Duan-Wu .Wu means Horse month in Chinese calendar. The Horse month usually begins on June 5th or June 6th in the Gregorian calendar. That means Dragon Boat Festival should be held in June, unless that year has Leap Month in the Chinese lunar calendar.

In China, the Dragon Boat Festival memorializes the Chinese patriotic poet Chiu Yuan (340 BC-278 BC or 343-290 B.C.), who committed suicide by jumping into the river after tying himself with big rock on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month.

The custom of Dragon Boat Race might begin from the southern China. They selected the 5rh lunar day of the 5th lunar month as the totem ceremony. The dragon was the main symbol on the totem, because Chinese thought they were son of dragon. Later, Chinese connected this custom with Duan-Wu festival. Since this was the event only in the southern China. This might be why Dragon Boat Race doesn't that popular in entire China today. But we can see yearly Dragon Boat Race events in Honk Hong and Taiwan. The picture shows a person lies on the top of dragon head of the boat to prepare to catch the flag of target to win the race.

The Date of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival The 5th day of the 5th lunar month
Dragon Boat Festival

But since some of the well-known traditions of the festival already existed even before Qu Yuan, other origins of the festival were also suggested. Wen Yiduo suggested that the festival may be associated with dragon closely because two of the most important activities of the festival, dragon boat racing and eating zongzi, are related to dragon. Another view is that the festival is originated from the taboo of evil days. The fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is traditionally considered an evil month and the 5th of the month is particularly a bad day, so a lot of taboo had been developed.
Duanwu Festival –
The Duanwu Festival is a Chinese traditional and statutory holiday. It is a public holiday in mainland China and in Taiwan, where it is known as the "Duanwu Festival". It is also a public holiday in Hong Kong and Macau, where it is known as Duen Ng Festival. Its alternative name in English is "Dragon Boat Festival", after one of the traditional activities for the holiday.
Dragon boat –

Dragon boat races are traditionally on the day of the Duanwu Festival, also known in English as the Dragon Boat Festival, making dragon boating the only sport to be celebrated as a national holiday. The Chinese calendar date is the fifth day of the fifth month, which usually corresponds to a date in June.

The use of dragon boats for racing and dragons are believed by modern scholars, sinologists and anthropologists to have originated in southern central China more than 2,500 years ago, along the banks of such iconic rivers as the Chang Jiang, also known as Yangtze (that is, during the same era when the games of ancient Greece were being established at Olympia).Dragon boat racing as the basis for annual water rituals and festival celebrations, and for the traditional veneration of the Asian dragon water deity, has been practiced continuously since this period. The celebration is an important part of ancient agricultural Chinese society, celebrating the summer harvest. They first used a "dragon boat" to save a local scholar from drowning in the river and went to save his life. They now honour this feat on (or around) the 5/5 every year (Lunar Calendar(.

Dragon boat racing traditionally coincides with the 5th day of the 5th Chinese lunar month (varying from late May to June on the modern Gregorian Calendar).The Summer Solstice occurs around June 21 and is the reason why Chinese refer to their festival as "Duan Wu". Both the sun and the dragon are considered to be male.(The moon and the mythical phoenix are considered to be female.)The sun and the dragon are at their most potent during this time of the year, so cause for observing this through ritual celebrations such as dragon boat racing. It is also the time of farming year when rice seedlings must be transplanted in their paddy fields, for wet rice cultivation to take place.

Today, dragon boat festivals continue to be celebrated around the world with dragon boat racing, although such events are still culturally associated with the traditional Chinese Tuen Ng Festival in Hong Kong (Cantonese Chinese dialect) or Duan Wu festival in south central mainland China (Mandarin Chinese dialect.(
The Hong Kong Tourism Bureau helped move dragon boat racing into the modern era by donating teak dragon boats to countries around the world, starting in 1980 when three boats were sent to London England, for the Chinese Festival on the River Thames. The following year two boats were sent to Germany. In 1986, the Hong Kong Pavilion at Expo 86 donated 4 teak dragon boats to the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Community leaders in Vancouver quickly saw the potential in creating a multicultual event that would bring together the Chinese and non-Chinese citizens for a fun event and festival, giving birth to the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival, now known as the Rio Tinto Dragon Boat Festival. The original boats were loaned/rented to Toronto, Victoria, Seattle and Los Angeles and quickly helped spread the seeds for modern dragon boat racing throughout North America. Two Taiwanese style dragon boats were donated to the Portland-Kaohsiung Sister City Association (PKSCA) in North America to help found the Portland Rose Festival Dragon Boat Race in Portland Oregon, USA.

Several of the largest dragon boat events outside Asia include Rio Tinto Dragon Boat Festival (aka. Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival) held in Vancouver, British Columbia, the GWN Dragon Boat Challenge held in Toronto, Ontario, Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival held in Toronto, Ontario, the Ottawa Dragon Boat Race Festival held in Ottawa, Ontario, the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York held in Queens, New York, and the Portland Rose Festival Dragon Boat Race. The three Canadian festivals feature 180 teams and the New York festival features over 120 teams, and all are held on weekends nearest the Summer Solstice in accordance with traditional Chinese dragon boat traditions. The Philadelphia International Dragon Boat Festival has held its festival the first Saturday in October for the last six years and in 2007 hosted 136 teams, making it the largest one day Dragon Boat event to be held in North America. Portland, Oregon hosts several dragon boat races annually including the largest Taiwan style races in North America with over 100 teams and two full days of racing in front of 100,000 spectators at Portland's Rose Festival.
Chinese Dragon Boat Festival 2008, Races, Recipes, History ...

The Dragon Boat Festival commemorates the popular Chinese patriot, Qu Yuan.(Chu Yuan) who in the 3rd century in protest of a corrupt government threw himself into the Mi Lo River in despair.

Along with the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and Chinese New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival is one of the most significant in China, celebrated by colorful and lively races featuring narrow boats shaped like dragons.

The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival - Good intro with pictures of the customs & traditions surrounding the festival.
Traditional Chinese Festivals -

There are many legends about the evolution of the festival, the most popular of which is in commemoration of Qu Yuan (340-278 BC). Qu Yuan was minister of the State of Chu and one of China's earliest poets. In face of great pressure from the powerful Qin State, he advocated enriching the country and strengthening its military forces so as to fight against the Qin. However, he was opposed by aristocrats headed by Zi Lan, and later deposed and exiled by King Huai. In his exiled days, he still cared much for his country and people and composed immortal poems including Li Sao (The Lament), Tian Wen (Heavenly Questions) and Jiu Ge (Nine Songs), which had far-reaching influences. In 278 BC, he heard the news that Qin troops had finally conquered Chu's capital, so he finished his last piece Huai Sha (Embracing Sand) and plunged himself into the Miluo River, clasping his arms to a large stone. The day happened to be the 5th of the 5th month in the Chinese lunar calendar. After his death, the people of Chu crowded to the bank of the river to pay their respects to him. The fishermen sailed their boats up and down the river to look for his body. People threw into the water zongzi (pyramid-shaped glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in reed or bamboo leaves) and eggs to divert possible fish or shrimp from attacking his body. An old doctor poured a jug of reaglar wine (Chinese liquor seasoned with realgar) into the water, hoping to turn all aquatic beasts drunk. That's why people later followed the customs such as dragon boat racing, eating zongzi and drinking realgar wine on that day.

Dragon boat racing is an indispensable part of the festival, held all over the country. As the gun is fired, people will see racers in dragon-shaped canoes pulling the oars harmoniously and hurriedly, accompanied by rapid drums, speeding toward their destination. Folk tales say the game originates from the activities of seeking Qu Yuan's body, but experts, after painstaking and meticulous research, conclude that dragon boat racing is a semi-religious, semi-entertaining program from the Warring States Period (475-221 BC).In the following thousands of years, the game spread to Japan, Vietnam and Britain as well as China's Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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Tom Jones

It's a time machine, transporting you back to when life was less complicated, adulthood and its concerns were a distant spot on the horizon, and you could feel so happy it seemed like the sensation would never end. For about 90 minutes Thursday night, Tom Jones took the crowd at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall expertly by the hand.

"This is my fifth concert of his," the Vancouver resident said. "But I haven't been to one of his shows for 30 years."As Johnson was talking, another woman leaned forward to say that her late mother liked Jones so much she carried a picture of the singer in her wallet: "She was a quiet, devout woman, mother of eight -- but she loved Tom Jones."A silver-haired woman, overhearing the conversation, volunteered that she wasn't planning on tossing her underwear toward the stage."I don't want to hurt him," she said, laughing. "He's older, and I'm bigger."Then the lights went down, rumbling noises came up, and it was time to give a warm welcome to the one and only Sir!

Lights came up, and Jones appeared, tanned, brown hair completely free of gray, Van Dyke-style beard neatly trimmed, sporting a tomato-red blazer over black shirt and black pants. At the shirt's open collar, he wore a silvery, sparkly bit of bling. Wasting no time, Sir Tom burst into song, asking the crowd to "Raise Your Hand. "Women waved arms in the air. Some rushed to the front of the stage to dance. Jones smiled and sang in a voice as strong as his heyday, while behind him, his tight band played and three back-up singers chimed in. As he proved weekly on his 1969-71 variety show, "This Is Tom Jones," he may not be the most subtle singer in the world, but Jones can perform any kind of music with utter conviction. The show started on time, there was no tedious opening act, no intermission -- just Jones singing everything from the George Jones classic "He Stopped Loving Her Today" to blues to standards to his playful cover of Prince's "Kiss" as an encore. With a minimum of Vegas-style glitz and just enough banter –
Tom Jones – Listen free at

Sir Thomas Jones Woodward, KBE, OBE (born 7 June 1940), best known by his stage name, Tom Jones is a Welsh pop singer particularly noted for his powerful voice. He was born in Treforest, near Pontypridd in South Wales. He rose to fame in the mid-1960s, with an exuberant live act which included wearing tight breeches and billowing shirts, in an Edwardian style popular amongst his peers at the time.
Tom Jones (singer) -

Tom Jones rose to fame in the mid-1960s, with an exuberant live act that included wearing tight breeches and billowing shirts, in an Edwardian style popular among his peers at the time. He was known for his overt sexuality, before this was as common as it has become in subsequent years.

The group returned to South Wales and continued to play gigs at dance halls and working men's clubs. One night, at the Top Hat in Cwmtillery, Jones was spotted by Gordon Mills, a London-based manager originally from South Wales. Mills became Jones' manager, and took the young singer to London. He also renamed him "Tom Jones," an ingenious moniker that not only linked the singer to the image of the title character - a good-looking, low-born stud - portrayed in Tony Richardson's film of Fielding's Tom Jones, which was a huge contemporary hit, but also subtly emphasized his nationality. Gordon Mills gave many rock stars their stage names, among them Engelbert Humperdinck (born Arnold George Dorsey). The Senators became the Playboys, and later still the Squires.

Jones had an internationally successful television variety show from 1969-1971 titled This Is Tom Jones.This hit TV show was aired by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC-TV) in America and ITV in the UK. The 1970s saw Jones' popularity leveling off, but the hits kept coming: "Daughter Of Darkness", "She's A Lady", "Till" and "The New Mexican Puppeteer" were all hits in the UK.On July 29, 1986, Gordon Mills, Jones' long-time manager, died of cancer.Jones' son Mark became the singer's manager.In April 1987, the singer re-entered the singles chart with the hit "A Boy From Nowhere"', which got him back into the public eye. A few months later he performed a version of Prince's "Kiss", and recorded it with The Art of Noise, and it was an instant hit.

In 1998 he performed a medley of songs from the film The Full Monty with Robbie Williams at the BRIT Awards. That same year, Space and Cerys Matthews released "The Ballad Of Tom Jones".

An album of cover versions recorded as duets with contemporary artists, using their record producers, and utilising their recording methods, it reached number one in the United Kingdom, and sold over 4 million copies worldwide.[3] In 2002, he released the album Mr. Jones, which was produced by Wyclef Jean and included the singles "Tom Jones International" and "Black Betty".In 2003, he was honored with a BRIT Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. In 2004, his "Sex Bomb" single became a major club hit.

For his contribution to the recording industry, Tom Jones has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6608 Hollywood Blvd.

Although his manager and public relations staff have attempted to change his sex-bomb image and neutralize the knicker-throwing fans, to the delight of his audiences Jones has never felt the need to tone down his behavior in the shows. Tom Jones has remained highly respected by other singers and continues to attract audiences of all ages.As of 2008, Jones continues to tour and record.A major portion of the year he regularly performs his show at the MGM Grand hotel, located on the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, USA. His show at the MGM is performed in a cabaret style theater.
- Tom Jones - Sex bomb

Tom Jones - Sex Bomb music video Added: March 17, 2007 (Less info) Tom Jones - Sex Bomb music video

Tom Jones - She's a Lady 02:26 From: Samanosuke2 Views: 1,379,484

Tom Jones - Black Betty 03:57 From: 10DaNa10 Views: 155,170

TOM JONES - DELILAH 02:07 From: lmj22 Views: 620,815

Tom Jones - It's Not Unusual (Live) 02:34 From: USAsoccer2010 Views: 651,458

Tom Jones - Love Me Tonight 02:52 From: TopTJFan Views: 254,906

Tom Jones - Sex Bomb - Festival Viña 2007 03:27 From: jowyto2 Views: 127,416

Tom Jones - Thunderball 02:28 From: TomJonesMania Views: 91,131

Tom Jones - Green,Green grass Of Home 03:09 From: brethren03 Views: 476,456

"What's New Pussycat?" - "This is Tom Jones" on DVD 02:19 From: tomjonesdvd Views: 343,544

Tom Jones - Unchained Melody 03:20 From: generaciomix Views: 332,575

Tom jones dances like HELL! 02:16 From: elvispresley3 Views: 133,812

Tom Jones & Mousse T. - Sex Bomb 03:48 From: lafcanbazi Views: 71,720

Tom Jones - You can leave your hat on - Festival Viña 2007 03:55 From: jowyto2 Views: 123,485

TOM JONES - Chills and Fever (1964) 03:06 From: lmj22 Views: 68,722

Black Betty - Tom Jones 03:22 From: VoodooGoddess Views: 73,625

Tom Jones - Delilah Live At Cardiff Castle 03:21 From: dubwisse Views: 284,204
Tom Jones International

This site is for you and, hopefully, by you, the fans of Tom Jones.

Tom Jones can still deliver a sexy show By Lana Michelin/Red Deer Advocate/June 04, 2008 Sex-bomb Tom shared his hits — and his pheromones — with 2,000 screaming fans at Red Deer’s Centrium on Wednesday, proving that age is just a state of mind.

At nearly 68 (his birthday is on Saturday), Tom Jones gyrated across the stage like a young hipster singing “Just help yourself to my lips, to my arms, just say the word and they’re yours…”

One review of Tuesday night’s show from The Edmondton Sun is overall a good one and we do understand why there is almost always mention panties (except the reviewer here in Las Vegas who unfailingly reviews Tom Jones, singer).When people don’t see him often, audience-tossed items are an unusual occurrence that one tends only to see at a Tom Jones show and it naturally draws comment.When people see him frequently, they often get annoyed by the interruption or, sometimes, even guess what he’ll do with a particular item — ignore it, pick it up, comment on it, etc. Practiced fans know there are ways to forecast what will happen.

That point was brought crashing down to earth as the devilishly silly Tom Jones and his 2,500 fans clapped, sang and laughed during Tuesday’s love-in at the Jubilee Auditorium.” She found a few, very minor, issues with the performance but it is on the whole a terrific review.

We cannot promise any other incentives than Sir Tom Jones in a very unusual venue in a beautiful city.
Tom Jones

Despite Jones' numerous affairs, the couple is still together. Their son, by the way, is Tom Jones' manager.

In the evening, he performed in bars, where Gordon Mills, his first manager, spotted him. Tom Jones sounded black and sexy and knew how to move. In 1964, the two men landed a record contract with Decca. Already his second single, It's Not Unusual, became an international hit.

In 1969, Tom Jones was offered a television show by ABC. Among his guests were Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Ray Charles, Tony Bennett, The Bee Gees, Smokey Robinson, Kirk Douglas, Elliot Gould, Peter Sellers and many more.

At the same time, these able musicians helped him create a sound unknown for years. But even with his new album, Tom Jones has not completely lost his trashy image.

On Reload Tom Jones performs, together with Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders, Iggy Pop's Lust For Life.Van Morrison, Zucchero, The Stereophonics (Mama Told Me Not To Come) and Robbie Williams are some of the other musicians who recorded duets with the Tiger. Nothing was left out, not even the obligatory slushy Christmas tune (Baby It's Cold Outside.(

Tom Jones has one of the most incredible and sexiest male voices in show business, comparable to greats like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley (in completely other genres of course).This comparison of course sheds a bad light on his accomplishments. For years he has worked with pitiful musicians and arrangements.

In Younger Days the singer shows his self-ironic side. Tom Jones International will become a hit.It is one of the songs on Mr. Jones which Tom Jones co-wrote for the first time in his career.The album's highlight is the soul song Feel The Rain on which the potential of the Tiger's unique voice comes best to light.

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Flamingo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Flamingo Fossil range: Eocene - Recent

Flamingos or flamingoes are gregarious wading birds in the genus Phoenicopterus and family Phoenicopteridae. They are found in both the Western Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere, but are more numerous in the former. There are four species in the Americas while two exist in the Old World.
Two species, the Andean and the James's Flamingo, are often placed in the genus Phoenicoparrus instead of Phoenicopterus.
Stout-legged Flamingo (Borgloon Early Oligocene of Hoogbutsel, Belgium)
Giant Flamingo (Late Oligocene - Early Pliocene)

In a 2004 study comparing DNA sequences of intron 7 of the β-fibrinogen gene (FGB-int7), the Neognathae (all living birds except the ratites and tinamous) excluding waterfowl and Galliformes were shown to be divided into two subgroups of uneven size. The first and smaller one, Metaves, contains flamingos and grebes, alongside the hoatzin, pigeons, sandgrouse, the Caprimulgiformes, the Apodiformes, tropicbirds, mesites, sunbittern and kagu. Interestingly, most of these groups have traditionally been difficult to place on the family tree of birds. According to this study, all other birds belong to the second subgroup of Neoaves, the Coronaves (Fain & Houde 2004).

But their molecular data was insufficient to resolve inter-Metaves relationships to satisfaction; the flamingo FGB-int7 sequence is apparently most similar to that of some species of nighthawks, strongly suggesting a case of convergent evolution on the molecular level. The conclusions that one can draw from this study are twofold: first, that flamingos are Metaves (if that group is not based on molecular convergence, for which there are some indications), and second, that FBG-int7 is unsuitable to determine their relationships beyond that. It is interesting to note, however, that among all the groups which have been proposed as sister taxa of the flamingos, only the grebes are Metaves.

The relationships of the flamingos still cannot be resolved with any certainty, but presently a close relationship with grebes appears somewhat more likely than other proposals. For this clade, the taxon Mirandornithes ("miraculous birds" due to their extreme divergence and apomorphies) has been proposed.In summary, all this confusion serves to show that all lines of "evidence" - molecular, morphological, ecological and parasitological - are liable to yield erroneous "proof" and that no method can be considered generally superior. Any future attempt to finally resolve the flamingos' relationships, therefore, would have to employ total evidence to support it and carefully weigh the data against alternative proposals.

The filtering of food items is assisted by hairy structures called lamellae which line the mandibles, and the large rough-surfaced tongue. The flamingo's characteristic pink colouring is caused by the Beta carotene in their diet.The source of this varies by species, but shrimp and blue-green algae are common sources; zoo-fed flamingos may be given food with the additive canthaxanthin, which is often also given to farmed salmon. Flamingos produce a "milk" like pigeon milk due to the action of a hormone called prolactin (see Columbidae).

Young flamingos hatch with grey plumage, but adults range from light pink to bright red due to aqueous bacteria and beta carotene obtained from their food supply. A well-fed, healthy flamingo is more vibrantly coloured and thus a more desirable mate.A white or pale flamingo, however, is usually unhealthy or malnourished.Captive flamingos are a notable exception; many turn a pale pink as they are not fed carotene at levels comparable to the wild. This is changing as more zoos begin to add prawns and other supplements to the diets of their flamingos.

Possible causes include avian cholera, botulism, metal pollution, pesticides or poisonous bacteria, say researchers. Also, fears for the future of the Lesser Flamingo — Phoeniconaias minor — have also been raised by plans to pipe water from one of their key breeding areas, the shores of Lake Natron.
San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Flamingo

Class: Aves (Birds) Order: Phoenicopteriformes Family: Phoenicopteridae Genus and species: .Phoenicopterus ruber (greater flamingo and Caribbean flamingo subspecies)

The flamingo’s pink color, which is very important for stimulating reproduction, comes from the food they eat, including algae, diatoms, and small aquatic insects and crustaceans. .In East Africa, more than one million lesser flamingos may gather together—forming the largest flocks known among birds today. .Standing on one leg really is their most comfortable resting position. . The Andean flamingo is the only flamingo species with yellow legs. .The San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park are among only a handful of zoos in the world to raise offspring from four of the six flamingo species. Together, we have hatched nearly 300 chicks.

The flamingo’s pink color, which is very important for stimulating reproduction, comes from the food they eat, including algae, diatoms, and small aquatic insects and crustaceans. .In East Africa, more than one million lesser flamingos may gather together—forming the largest flocks known among birds today. Standing on one leg really is their most comfortable resting position. . The Andean flamingo is the only flamingo species with yellow legs. The San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park are among only a handful of zoos in the world to raise offspring from four of the six flamingo species.Together, we have hatched nearly 300 chicks.

Long legs let flamingos wade into deeper water than most other birds to look for food.And speaking of food, the flamingo also has very distinctive eating habits.The bill is held upside down in the water. The flamingo feeds by sucking water and mud in at the front of its bill and then pumping it out again at the sides.Here, briny plates called lamellae act like tiny filters, trapping shrimp and other small water creatures for the flamingo to eat.The smaller puna Phoenicopparrus jamesi, Andean Phoenicopparrus andinus, and lesser flamingos Phoeniconaias minor have deeper bills and stiff lamellae. This helps them filter very fine particles, such as algae, through their bill and keep bigger particles out.

Flamingos are social birds that like to live in groups of varying sizes, from a few pair to sometimes thousands or tens of thousands.
The Wild Ones: Flamingo

Nearly everyone knows what flamingos look like ---pink birds with long legs.You can see them at just about every zoo. You can find them in storybooks.

Ornithologists (scientists who sturdy birds) spent many years arguing whether flamingos are more like ducks, or more like storks, until they decided that flamingos belong in a group by themselves.

There are 5 species of flamingos that occur throughout the world. The greater flamingo is as tall as a grown-up person is. The lesser flamingo is as tall as a first-grader.

Caribbean flamingo (also known as American, Cuban, rosy, or West Indian)

Greater flamingo (also known as European)

Lesser flamingo (also known as African)

Caribbean flamingos have the brightest coloration: crimson or vermilion. The Chilean flamingo is pale pink.

A flamingo's pink or reddish feather color comes from its diet, which is high in alpha and beta-carotene. People eat beta-carotene when they eat carrots.

The typical flamingo diet consists of diatoms, seeds, blue-green alage, crustaceans, and mollusks they filter out of the water. Using their long legs and partially webbed feet, flamingos will stamp on the muddy bottom of lagoons to mix the food particles with the water. Different species of flamingo have slightly different shaped bills; the different shapes helping it obtain slightly different types of food.

Flamingos use their large beaks to filter small food items from the water. A flamingo lowers its head into the water, upside-down. It moves its head from side to side, collecting the food/water mixture. The spiny, piston-like tongue acts to pump the water mixture past the tooth like ridges on the outside of the beak and the lamellae, or finger-like projections, inside the beak.

When they are ready to lay their breed, birds will form pairs.Within the whole colony, groups of birds will be engaged in courtship displays -, a predictable sequence of displays including marching and head turning, calling and preening.Several hundred to several thousand flamingos are all doing the same behaviors at the same time. This helps to synchronize breeding within the colony, so that most of the birds are laying eggs or raising young at the same time.

Every flamingo does not nest every year.When they do nest, they typically lay one large, white egg. The nest is built of mud, small stones, and feathers on the ground and is in the shape of a volcano.
Flamingo Birds - by Provence Beyond

Photo gallery of 5 photos for Flamingo

The flamingo appears all-over pale pink while standing. It's a lot more colorful when it take off, though; the wings are black along the outer and trailing edges, and dark pink forward.

The thick, curved beak is practical, designed to sieve animal and vegetable food from shallow water. In flight, the neck and feet stretch far out before and behind the slender body and flapping wings, and the curved beak help distinugish the flamingo from storks or geese. The flamingo's loud honking in flight is very similar to the sound of a goose.

This pink flamingo likes any shallow-water lakes, ponds or protected inlets of the Mediterranean, and can often be found along the coast of Spain and southwestern France. It can be most readily seen in the Camargue (map), the only place in France where it nests.

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QTsaver Search results for: shavuot Blintzes
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Cheese blintzes wrapped in tradition for Shavuot
Cheese and Flowers - Shavuot with Aish

This is an exception to the talmudic rule that "holiday joy requires meat and wine." Shavuot cheesecake and cheese blintzes have become beloved and fattening staples in Jewish homes for centuries.
Manischewitz - The Unbelievable BLintz

Blintzes are to Shavuot what matzos are to Passover. Both are the gastronomical heroes of the holidays.

Blintzes are popular on Shavuot because it’s customary to eat dairy on the holiday and because rolling cheese up in pancakes is a rather efficient--and tasty--method of transporting dairy to your mouth (to find out why we eat dairy of Shavuot, read Traditions, Tips and Trends) Chabad-Lubavitch of Southern Rensselaer County - Calendar of ...

Join the Jewish Women's Circle in celebrating the giving of the Torah by trying your hand at the traditional Shavuot delicacy- blintzes! learn the art of frying, filling and folding blintzes from Elena Silverman. Discover what giving the Torah 3,320 years ago has to do with blintzes and all Jewish Women today!
Home / Fast Forward / Beyond Blintzes: A Culinary Tour of Shavuot

Beyond Blintzes: A Culinary Tour of Shavuot

Cheesecake and blintzes hold an important place in the realm of Jewish cuisine, but they aren’t the be all and end all of Shavuot foods. In fact, there are many unique dishes — both dairy and nondairy — associated with the holiday that reflect the culinary traditions of Jews around the world. A Mountain of Blintzes: Barbara Diamond Goldin, Anik ...

PreS-Gr 2-A delightful and satisfying tale celebrating the Jewish holiday of Shavuot. According to tradition, Jews are supposed to eat dairy foods to commemorate the day that Moses received the Torah on Mount Sinai, and hardworking Sarah would love to make a mountain of cheese blintzes for her husband and five children. However, with such a large family to feed, she cannot afford to buy all the ingredients, until she comes up with an ingenious plan. For the two weeks preceding the holiday, she and her husband will each work a little extra, every day putting their additional earnings into a special coin box.

With both of them saving a little each day, surely they will have enough by Shavuot. Of course, neither Sarah nor Max part with the extra coins, each rationalizing that the other will do so. Ultimately, it is their resourceful children who provide the ingredients for the celebratory mountain of blintzes. Loosely based on a traditional Chelm tale, this story is set in the Catskills in the late 1920s, providing a charming small-town locale for the sunny watercolor illustrations. Utilizing a bright, friendly palette and endearing pink-cheeked characters, the illustrations tell an amusing story within a story, as the children find their own ways to contribute to the Shavuot table. Background notes and recipe are included.-Teri Markson, Stephen S.

On their farm in the Catskills in the 1920s, Sarah and Max plan for Shavuot. It is a time for cleaning house, new clothes, and good food, especially blintzes. The couple agree to work hard and put their money into a coin box, saving for the family holiday. But one thing leads to another and neither saves any coins.

Clever visual clues in whimsical, full-page watercolor illustrations extend the story, showing the children secretly working at odd jobs to earn money. When Shavuot comes, the penniless parents are rescued by their giggling children, and they all celebrate together. The author's note provides details about this Jewish holiday and about the traditional Chelm stories that inspired this ebullient picture book. And there's also Goldin's family recipe for making the perfect mountain of blintzes. Karen Simonetti Copyright American Library Association.
Shavuot Laws & Customs

Shavuot "blintzes" are rolled pancakes filled with cheese. Other tempting tidbits are cheese knishes, butter cakes and cheesecakes, and three-cornered cheese kreplakh, based on the Talmudic triangle: "G-d gave the threefold Law [Torah, Prophets, Scriptures] to a tripled people [Kohen, Levi, Israel], through a third born [Moses, third child of his parents] in the third month [Sivan]."
Beit HaChatulim Eats Dairy for Shavuot

We just love blintzes and blintzes are traditional on Shavuot. To paraphrase Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof, "Why do we eat blintzes on Shavuot?

Our dairy meal for Shavuot may look much more elaborate than it really is. The only thing that is particularly time-consuming is the blintzes, which can be made in advance -- and even frozen.
Blintz Souffle Recipe - Kosher Dairy Recipes for Shavuot - Nine ...

While Jews probably began making blintzes hundreds of years ago in Poland, they only began to use frozen blintzes to make this Blintz Souffle recipe in 20th-century America. When you have a crowd joining you for a dairy meal - such as for Sabbath, Shavuot, or the Nine Days - this easy-to-make, crowd-pleasing Blintz Souffle is the perfect dish to serve.
Chana's Cheese Blintzes (Dairy)

Blintz, which means "pancake" in Ukrainian, is a classic Ashkenazic Jewish food that probably originated in Poland. Blintzes are thin crepe-like pancakes folded around a filling. Cheese blintzes are traditionally served for Shavuot along with other dairy dishes. In this recipe, the blintzes are so delicious that there is no need to fry them after they are filled.