Friday, June 20, 2008

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  1. Silver Havdalah Spice Tower
    • William Cohen, a founding member of the Jewish farming colony in Alliance, New Jersey, received this silver havdalah spice tower as a birthday present in 1935.His daughter, Elizabeth Colen, who donated the spice tower to the Museum, recalls that as a young girl she regularly assisted her father with the family's havdalah ceremony. At the conclusion of the Saturday evening meal, Elizabeth held the blazing havdalah candle as her father used wine and spices to mark the end of the Sabbath and the resumption of weekday activities.
    • Roma Havdalah Tower…Two pieces built like a tower, holds spices as well as having a candle holder.
  3. JHOM - Havdalah - Salvation
    • The use of sweet-smelling herbs and spices for the Havdalah ceremony roused the creative instincts of artisans and they fashioned spice boxes in widely varied designs and shapes in gold, silver, brass, glass and wood. In Ashkenazi circles, the spice box took many forms, from flowers to miniature trains. Most popular, however, from around the sixteenth century, was the tower form, which was stylistically influenced by local architecture. Rabbi Shubert Spero takes a closer look at the symbolism of the tower spice box.
    • The architectural form of the spice tower with its domes and turrets, belfries and flags, represented to the medieval Jew both a military fortress with its suggestions of strength and security, as well as a magnificent religious edifice built by men to honor their deity.
    • Supportive of this basic symbolism is the association of the tower with the architectural elements of the Holy Temple. Salvation, messiah, restoration of the Temple …The spices, seen as incense, likewise evoked memories of the Temple service.
    • Yehudah crafts each of these items by hand from pure Sterling Silver. The spice tower is traditionally used as part of the Havdalah ceremony at the end of Shabbat.The small door opens to allow you to put cinnamon sticks, cloves and other spices inside.

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