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( Israel Book Week - actually, 11 days of book-travaganzas in cities all over the country - opened Wednesday night. Over 7,000 new books were published last year.
Jewish Book Week 2008 Israel at 60

In a unique 15 minute film shot in Israel exclusively for our Jewish Book Week audience, the multitalented writer and film-maker Etgar Keret and internationally acclaimed writer Amos Oz open tonight’s discussion on Israel at 60.
Going Back to the Books

After years of decline, book sales in Israel are once again on the rise. Mass participation in the annual Hebrew Book Week is yet more proof that Israelis are still avid consumers of the written word.

Despite the temptations posed by television, computers and even the increasingly popular Internet, Israelis appear not to have lost their flavor for reading. An estimated 45 percent of Israel's population visits book fairs during the annual Hebrew Book Week, held throughout the country in early summer. Sales statistics also show that, in Israel at least, books are far from obsolete: Amnon Ben Shmuel, managing director of the Book Publishers' Association of Israel, reveals that book sales in Israel are on the rise again after many years of decline.

Israel boasts more than 200 publishing houses, including 70 major publishing enterprises, producing books mostly in Hebrew, with a large minority in Arabic, English and Russian. Ben Shmuel also notes that Israel publishes over 4,000 new books each year, or an average of ten new titles each day. This is the second highest per-capita output of any country; the highest belongs to the People's Republic of China. Hebrew Book Week is an Israeli tradition of unique scope and popularity. In cities and small towns across the country, parks and squares fill with booths in which publishers and book stores display and sell their wares. "In other places in the world, there are some city and even regional events," observes Ben Shmuel, "but nothing on this scale.

It is a colorful event, which draws people who might not otherwise purchase books." The first Hebrew Book Week was held in Tel Aviv in 1926 by several local publishers. The modern event, in its current nationwide format, has been held every year since 1961. Another major literary event in Israel is the Jerusalem International Book Fair, held biennially in Israel's capital, which is the world's second largest book fair. Hebrew Book Week - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Hebrew Book Week is an annual event celebrating literature in the State of Israel. During the Hebrew Book Week, large day-long outdoor book fairs are organized in Israel's major cities in which publishing houses advertise and sell their products, often at a discount. Book stores in Israel typically offer sales during this time which can last up to a month. Good News from Israel: 46th Annual Hebrew Book Week

Tonight begins the 46th annual Hebrew Book Week. Over the next 10 days there will be book related events in every major city in Israel. In Jerusalem, the main book fair will take place in the old train station. The Jewish National and University Library (JNUL) has collated data about books published in Israel during 2006.The JNUL is the legal deposit library of Israel, and receives, according to the "Book Act", two copies of each book, journal, cassette or disk published in Israel. The publications are catalogued in the JNUL catalogue, in the Israel national bibliography and in the Israel Union List. From their website:"During the previous year 8,608 new Israeli titles were registered by the Legal Deposit Department of the JNUL: 6,840 books, 915 new periodicals, and 650 non-print titles, such as CDs and cassettes. In addition, 12,874 issues of current periodicals were received in JNUL.

The JNUL catalogue is the most comprehensive in Israel, and includes the vast majority of the titles published in Israel. "You can see additional information at their website at:
I plan to pay a visit to the Jerusalem book fair next week. I visited these fairs in the past and not only is it fun to leaf through new books and get discounts - it is also great to see Am Yisrael expressing themselves (both sellers and buyers) as the "people of the book".
Have an Environmentally and Child Friendly Hebrew Book Week ...

A tradition that began with modest book stalls on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv in 1926, Hebrew Book Week has since grown to enormous dimensions and every municipality and book store in Israel finds a way to celebrate the event.

( Israel's annual Hebrew Book Week opens today, with very large book fairs - free of charge - in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Be'er Sheva, and smaller ones in some 60 other cities throughout the country. The fair in Jerusalem will be held in the Israel Museum, and in Tel Aviv it will take place in Ganei Yehoshua.

Some statistics: This is Israel's 43rd annual Book Week...Some 3,000 books were published in Israel last year - down from 4,000 in 2001... 150 publishers are taking part in Book Week...A quarter of the books were published by religious circles...

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The annual event called Hebrew Book Week, started on May 28th at the Old Railway Station in Jerusalem. The Book Fair will be held there until June 7th. The Hebrew Book Week was invented by Mrs. Bracha Peli, founder of Masada Press in 1926, but only Since 1961 it has become a country wide celebration. Many books are published especially towards this event, and many authors come to the fair to speak and to give autographs.

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