Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Searching problems with Google Images

Searching images for my research about the Star of David is very frustrating. The captions of the best images I found so far had no relevant keywords like:
Star of David
Shield od David
Davids's shield
Magen David
Solomon's Seal etc.
I found them by scanning hundreds of photos that answer search words like
Roman Mosaics Sicily
Bardo Museum Tunisia, etc.
This problem seems unsolvable...

Another problem I stumbled upon was that my own photos from Flickr didn't publish on Google Images and I wandered why. I asked around and nobody knew. Today I noticed that my traffic meter shows visitors to my site who were referred to it by Google Images. I searched on Google Images for "star of David" Flickr and got 248 answers - a few dozens of them were mine. So the answer is that it takes six months until Google Images adds new photos to its pool.

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