Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Arnauld Leene about QTSaver

Last week Arnauld Leene wrote the following about QTSaver:

Martin's post reminded me to have a look at QTsaver again. I think I never commented on it before. The main reason for that was that I did not know what to think of it.
QTsaver allows you to do free searches based on Yahoo and Google. It then throws up the sentences where the search queries occur. I like this way to present the results of a search query. It is much easier to find the sites that are interesting. And it is nice to have a list of quotes around a subject. But that is what I find the trouble of the results as well. It lacks the context. I rather see the whole article or even the web-page, than some quotes.
By the way QTsaver calls it self a "micro content search engine". In my formal definition these quotes are not MicroContent. But never mind the definition, it is a nice experiment to see what happens when we dig down into MicroContent Items.

And here is my comment to what he wrote:

Thanks for commenting on QTSaver. I like your point of view...

A few notes:
1. You say: "Based on Yahoo and Google" and I'd like to add that it is based also on Dmoz and Wikipedia.

2.You say: "it lacks the context" and I'd like to add that there's a link to the source so once you found something interesting you click on that link and get the context.

3. BTW for me micro content is not a technical term but a vision - I hope to help convert the MACRO CONTENT WWW to micro contents, and I view QTSaver as a pioneer for making this needed change: today we get for most of our queries much more than we can chew - I think we deserve better.

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