Wednesday, July 23, 2008

QTSaver Demonstration, Tribal Tattoos

See a demonstration of multiple QTSaver Queries about Tribal Tattoos resulting as an article I sent to tattooblogger.

I started with the Keyword Tribal Tattoos and proceeded to other Keywords that I stumbled upon such as:

African tattoos, Bengal tattoos, Berber tattoos, China tattoos and so on.

I arranged the results in Microsoft Word Levels and eventually the headings by alphabetic order.

It took me about 4 hours.


Sam Sung said...

I want to sale a very rare Jewish coin .. 793 years old ... a single -faceted six-pointed star .. The other face by a single sentence in the Arabic language , namely, ( beaten in Tripoli in 1223 ) watched the pictures very well ... I have not cleaned so as not to lose their value archeological .. It is strange that the currency from a severe black metal .
Note / I have only one piece because I found it by accident in one of the villages in Libya

zeevveez said...

It is not a Jewish coin. It is an Arab coin.