Thursday, August 03, 2006

New ideas to promote your Website

One of my readers asked my advice how to promote his Website. I told him I'm not an expert but he insisted. So here is what I wrote him based on my own experience:

1. Update - It is better to update 3 times a day with micro contents that once a week with macro contents.
2. Micro contents - If your website has already long articles you can break them down into many small units; publish each "chapter" in a separate page and erase the original (search engines punish you if you duplicate content).
3. comment on the discussion pages of Wikipedia and leave a link to your website - this will bring you many visitors since people turn first to Wikipedia when they need info and from there they go on their search (it helped me a lot - see the discussion page of the term Star of David).
4. Translate parts of your site to any other language on a separate blog. 
5. Traffic: read your traffic report and click the referrers' links to see who reads your articles. In case it's a blogger leave him a thank you comment with your link.
6. Letters to editors: send letters to editors of on line newspapers about the subjects you nurture in your website.

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