Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Micro Content Project

In the last three months I was posting to my new blog about the star-of-david. This is an online Micro Content Project which can be a model for any research. I want to find everything I can about my subject (Star of David in my case);
1. I get thousands of results for my queries.
2. I enter each result and copy what I need to a new document.
3. The first five results are great!
4. After the first 50 results things are repeating themselves and I get lost.

The snippets under each link of the search engines are misleading. They promise a relevant micro content and find an irrelevant one, or a duplicate of what I already found. It takes hours to find a new item after the first 100 results.

Qtsaver can solve this problem if we build a new version that will give RELEVANT snippets for thousands of results; but we need an investor to make this happen…

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