Sunday, May 14, 2006

More Compliments

Dave wrote about Ori Alon a comprehensive article on and on his way left me some compliments:
do keep in mind that there is already traction in this space - and orion (ori allon’s algorithm and concept that none of us can use) is similar in spirit to qtsaver (i was totally sucked into the blog behind this engine btw) …okay, yeah, read more about all of this orion discussion in detail if you want, and then tell me if you get a kick out of this very interesting new micro-content search engine called qtsaver (extracts micro-content from existing search engines, so perhaps similar in spirit? or is this a leap of faith or a wicked stretch of the imagination when comparing these?) …or did other search engines conceive of this a long, long time ago? …or instead of just qtsaver, check out surfnotes (a patent pending algorithm though, not issued)…or check out the concept from q-phrase (”ConceptQ works in conjunction with Google, MSN, Wikipedia and other major search engines.”)…the dude from qtsaver turned me on to both of those btw, so do keep an eye on his blog!

3 comments: said...

Is there a problem with placing quotation marks around search terms?

No results were being returned - just a blank white page.

zeevveez said...

Quotation marks around search terms don't work in simple search page.

Please go to the advanced search and enter your exact phrase there.

zeevveez said...

...and don't put quotation marks around your search terms in the advanced search page.